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Art 1 – Blue Dog – due 4/29


Look at the following video on George Rodrigue:

and the website:

pay particular attention to bio and art/gallery

Make comments about:

1. the pros and cons for you about  the visual aspect of his works (what you like and don’t like)

2.  the ideas in his works and the interpretation of his paintings (especially the 911 painting)

3. the contradiction between the high market value and the negative reviews by art critics

In your sketchbook, do an hour drawing in the style of Rodrigue, of any animal (preferably a current or former pet) in a setting or location which adds to the overall meaning.

In class, your next painting will be of a familiar animal in a setting or location which adds to the overall meaning.  You may do it in a realistic or Rodrigue style, with realistic or exaggerated colors, realistic or exaggerated form.


Art 3 – Close-ups and artistic discipline – Due 4/30


You next project is a close up of a hand, foot,  or natural object placed within a well composed context.

Below are 2 sites with tutorials on drawing hands and one example or illustraion of a stippled hand in compositional context.

Hand tutorials

More hand drawing advice

stippled hand

Which method is most helpful to you and why does it seem like the best approach? Do you think you will try it?

Next is an interesting commentary by Guggi about art and discipline.

Comment on what your artistic discipline is. What routines and methods do you use to get your best work?

What contributes to your concentration, focus, and productivity?

What distracts you and how can you minimize, avoid, or eliminate these distractions?

Art 2 – Political photomontages Hoch and Heartfield – Due 4/30


Your next project is a politically charged collage on a subject important to you.

First, familiarize yourself with the work of Hannah Hoch and John Heartfield by visiting, reading, and viewing the information at all 4 sites.

Hannah Hoch – The Good Girl with the Big Scissors

Dada context 

Heartfiled and Hoch slideshow

More context for Hoch and Heartfield

Comment on the differences between Hoch and Heartfield.

What is your favorite work of Hoch and why?

What is your favorite work of Heartfield and why?

Consider the context and the differences between their photomontages or collages and the collages of Picasso and Braque.

Do you think that there are any connections between artists of our time and Hoch and Heartfield?

Do you see any of their influence in media or art of today?  If so, elaborate.  If not, why not?

Art 1 – Google Art Project and mentors – Due 4/22


Now we return to studying about painters that use subject matter (NOT the non-objective, abstract artists, we have been looking at.)

Visit the following website to find a painter (that uses subject matter) that you find especially interesting and inspiring.

Look at the art on the site in both of the following manners: Using the menu bar at the top, look at  some of the Art Collections and some of the Artists.  Look for known museums and artists as well as new-to-you sources.

Post a link to your favorite discovery AND

explain why you like the painter/paintings that you choose AND

write a description and formal analysis on one piece you like the best. See notes on description and  analysis stages of interpretation as described in handout you received in class and on the widget.

Google Art Project

For sketchbook, do some drawing for one hour  in the artist’s style, relative to the artist’s techniques, in preparation for your next painting.

Art 2 – Remedios Varo – Due 4/18


Take a quick look at Remedios Varo bio on Wikipedia and then view carefully the works and interpretations in the link below.

Remedios Varo gallery and interpretations

What aspect of her life is most interesting to you in relation to the style and message of her paintings?

Which work is especially interesting to you? Do you agree with the interpretation of it on the site? If not, why?

Is her work out of date or is it relevant to us today? If not, how could you update it?

Art 3 – Florence Academy and Odd Nerdrum – Due 4/18


Look at the following website and choose 2 artists from the Alumni gallery  that you especially like. Go to the website and view more of their works.

Comment on what interests and impresses you about each of these artists.

Florence Academy of Art

Look at the following article and video on Odd Nerdrum (with whom some of these artists are also associated.)

Comment on the controversy.

Odd Nerdrum controversy