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Art 3 – Due Nov. 6 for Bicycle abstractions


Benedict’s Primer Creating Relationships

Look at page 24 and discuss what kind of relationship you are building.

Look at page 28 and discuss which sequence and which organization principles you are currently using in your bicycle painting.

Comment on one other element in this document that you find of interest to what you are doing in the studio and explain why it is relevant to you.


Art 2 – Retold Fairy Tale Engravings – Due Nov 6


Look at the following site and read the two articles and look at the pictures (on menu bar at left of first article)

Investigate some of the links you find interesting.

Tenniel illustrator, engraver

Picture origins

Watch the following video:

Note some of the selections in the article about the genre of retold tales.

Retold Fairy Tales – genre

Comment thoughtfully and respond to items  you find interesting in each of the selections above.

Cite your favorite Alice illustration and explain why.

Cite your favorite Dore illustration and explain why.

What aspects from each will you try to incorporate into your work?

Art 1 – Due Nov 5 – Rosenquist/week 1






****Post  detailed and thoughtful comments and discuss:

the relevance of Pop art to contemporary life,

responses to Rosenquist as an artist,

and considerations about whether or not Pop art is “old fashioned” or irrelevant since it is 50 years old.

In your sketchbook, do a one hour pop art style drawing. Keep track of your time on the back.

Art 2 Scratchboard


Before you start working on your project, preview the Russ McMullins scratchboard tutorial.


and the video tutorial by Lars Erik Robinson


view google images for scratchboard

This artist is also an excellent reference:


OPEN STUDIOS All Art and Photo Classes – Due 10/9, 10/15, and 10/22


Over the next 3 weekends, Santa Cruz County artists will open their studios to visitors to show their art and art making processes.

For each art class enrolled in at GBK, attend a total of 3 artists studios. (Art 1, Art 2, Art 3 – any type of art from glass to textile to painting, printmaking, or photography.

(Photo students must attend studios of photographers, AP 3D – 3D artists, and AP 2D – 2D artists.)

For each visit, you must post an account of your visit,  your impressions of the studio, the artist, and their work.  Make comments about their techniques and processes (the artists are all required to post information about this in their studio in order to participate in Open Studios. If you don’t see it, ask about their technique.)  AND, comment on the inspiration this gives you for your own art work.

For extra credit, ask questions directly of the artist and post results of your “interview.”

For extra credit, you may attend and post accounts about more than 3 artist studios.

For extra credit, attend the Preview Show at the Santa Cruz Art League on Broadway (see link.) Post name and artist for what you would award 1st 2nd and 3rd place in the whole show and explain why.

On the weeks you don’t actually attend a studio, you still must make a weekly post about a local artist you find who will be participating in Open Studios. (It may be one you visit later.) Look at their website (the ones in magenta have links.)

Share ideas about why the work is interesting or appealing to you, what you think are the most important aspects of their style and the message or ideas behind their art. Also, note if you think there is a connection in their background or biography listed on the website that contributes to their art.


Students may attend the studios together but they should have independent posts.  You also may be inspired to visit particular artists by reading others’ posts.

There is a Guide Booklet in the art room 216 with maps if you want to plan your weekend trips.  South County is the first weekend,  North County the second, and some artists are open for the third, Encore weekend.

For Art  1 – There is an hour,  free choice, sketchbook drawing due each week.