Art 2 – Remedios Varo – Due 4/18


Take a quick look at Remedios Varo bio on Wikipedia and then view carefully the works and interpretations in the link below.

Remedios Varo gallery and interpretations

What aspect of her life is most interesting to you in relation to the style and message of her paintings?

Which work is especially interesting to you? Do you agree with the interpretation of it on the site? If not, why?

Is her work out of date or is it relevant to us today? If not, how could you update it?


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  1. I think remedios varo has very interesting paintings. I think they all have a lot of space and they are all really dimensional. I dont really like the paintings that much. The one i like the most though is embroidering earths mantle painting.I thought it was interesting that she would practice her drawing ability by drawing her dads blueprints he brought home from his construction work. I feel like that really influenced her artistic ability.I dont really like these paintings very much but I think she put a lot of effort into her artwork.

  2. what i find most interesting is looking at how her two husbands influenced her work. it’s cool to look at the timeline of her paintings and drawings and see the way in which her style changed during her relationship with each of them. the link 404’d but i found a really cool one on wikipedia:
    i really like how the blanket melds with the floor. most of her other stuff isn’t very surreal, but in this one, she pushes the bounds of the reality and creates a really cool visual effect.
    i feel as though her work is kinda out of date. i mean she was painting in the 30’s and political and social cultures back then were shockingly different from the culture that exists today. i don’t really know how it could be updated, although i suppose if she had done work relating to gay rights or social justice that would be more relevant.

  3. In my opinion, the aspect of her life which is most interesting to me is the scientific expression from her painting. Not only her great art work, but also help scientists with many scientific stuff. May be her painting is no so outstanding comparing to other famous painting, her contribution is incredible.
    Phenomenon of Weightlessness is especially interesting to me. I agree with the interpretation of it on the site. Her work is out of date, if I can , I will update her work by adding more modern scientific elements inside.

  4. 1. The fact she was exiled to France was…kinda cool. Her paintings seem to depict these kind of shunned characters, so it relates to what happened to her in her childhood.
    2. I thought “The Creation of Birds” was an interesting painting. The interpretation doesn’t really make sense, and seems to be random and looking wwaayy too into her paintings. The interpreter reminds me of someone who’s just making this stuff up or trying to find meaning and symbolism in the painting when it’s really not necessary.
    3. I don’t understand how her paintings could or couldn’t be relevant to us today, they’re just paintings. They don’t have an obvious meaning or message to convey so it’s not like you can update them.

  5. I found it interesting that Remedios Varo used science as a inspiration for her artwork. It was also interesting that she was thought to not even exist at one point, which seems to even relate a little to the style of her artwork. I like the painting by Remedios Varo named, ‘The Call’. It has a human figure walking through a grey alleyway, and the person looks like they are made out of fire. It reminds me of will-o-the-wisps in a way. I think that the website interprets her artwork pretty well. Pointing out how science is a theme, as well as discovery, and also dreams. I think that the only way that her work is out of date is that you don’t see a lot of artists using her style to create images.

  6. While her style isn’t really my taste, I do think that Varo’s use of perspective gives her paintings more dimension and depth. The work that I particularly enjoyed was not on the blog. . The subject matter of the painting itself is much more Magritte-esque while maintaining Varo’s aesthetic and style. Personally, I think the painting is somewhat lost and confused. But, as interesting as her work is, I don’t think it’s particularly relevant. It’s very medieval without much to make it stand out. If I were to update it, I would change the subject matter and flat quality.

  7. I think it is interesting to see how science influenced her work. She painted the concepts of Darwin and Einstein. It seems like a lot of her ideas for her work work come from science, which I like. I liked the “Creation of Birds” the best, because it is so detailed and interesting to look at. There are so many lines in it, and they all point towards the figure. Also, I like how there are already a few birds flying around. I like how the figure has feathers too on its body. This artwork is very detailed and interesting. I think, in total, her work is OK, but not my favorite artwork. I feel like there isn’t a lot of surrealist qualities to most of her work, and it looks a bit normal, especially in “Harmony,” which doesn’t have anything that couldn’t happen.

  8. remedios varo’s work art is interesting paintings. The forth one is interest me which it is related to sciences, also in the second one. I do not like her drawing but i like the way she paintings. And she has practice it much. the first picture is a little bit confusing, it look like does not have any meaning.
    I agree with the interpretation of it on the site. Her work is out of date, if I can , they are some idea like that to much.

  9. I think Remedios Varo’s knowledge and incorporation of science in her artwork is very interesting, especially because she was woman living during the early 1900s. One of my favorite paintings out of those posted on the blog was “Phenomenon of Weightlessness.” I like her use of color. I also like how she superimposed the room at a 30 degree angle and how she incorporated mathematical/scientific theories. I think the website gives an accurate interpretation of her painting. Her artwork is different from most contemporary artwork but I don’t think it is necessarily “out of date.” Throughout history art changes and develops but styles do not become irrelevant.

  10. “the artist metaphorically conveyed in her paintings some of the most revolutionary and complex scientific theories of the age”
    I think that Varo’s work is not very appealing to the eye but it is definitely interesting… I also found that the interpretation of the site was more historically accurate than an opinion. It discussed the physical aspects of the art and also, how it was relevant to the time (see quote above).
    Varo’s art is abstract but in a way that shows personality and perception of the world. I think that her art is based off of events and ideas that were taking place during the early to mid 1900’s. If she were a modern artist, I think that her style would be the same but her subject choice would revolve around the modern society.

  11. I thought it was interesting that Remedios Varo moved a lot as a child and therefore experienced lots of different places and cultures, as the Wikipedia page stated. Interestingly, throughout her career her works included architecture unique to her birthplace, Angles. I also thought it was interesting that she had a rebellious attitude, and was critical of religion, as well as being liberal and being an anarchist. I also thought it was intriguing that many people have said her art portrayed the “true woman” – oppressed, isolated, and held captive by “forces unknown” – and reflected the misogynistic tendencies of society.

    It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I found this piece ( very intriguing. I’m not sure what’s going on in it, but it was definitely an example of the way she portrayed women. You can really see the loneliness and desolation of the woman pictured. This one wasn’t on the site, so I can’t say if I agree with it.

    I don’t think art ever goes “out of date” – the same goes for literature. It’s one of those things, in my opinion, that remain unaffected by time. That said, I don’t believe you can “update” someone’s art. I may try to incorporate some of her dark/mechanical style into my own art, but only if it feels right for me and isn’t forced.

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