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Photo 1&2: check it out!


2005    Click on the URL 2005 and then in the box at left type in image #439….it’s by someone you know……


From line to form to expressive dance!


Watch this video and see line come to life.  Notice how basic shapes turn into figures and figures turn into abstract forms that mirror the dancers’ emotions. You might try drawing some figures with this technique in your sketchbook as an option. Add it to your list!

The link at bottom of page has info from the artist about the process.

Adv photo – journal #1



Read the article about photographer William Carter and his work. (Try to ignore the obnoxious ads; you may try to convert to ready-to-print version to read it.)

Post a comment on blog -List  3 most interesting facts/ideas from the article. List 1 thing you will apply to your own process as a photographer.

Art 1-4 – let’s get started



This is in our community – has anyone seen it?  How would you feel with your face on the wall of a building? Do you want to do it on our building?

What is art? What is “good” art?

Here’s a thought provoking study….’t-paint-that-–-can-people-tell-abstract-art-from-a-child’s-or-chimp’s-work/


Do you think you could tell the difference?