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Photo 1 – Due Monday 2/3


Spend a good amount of time looking at each of the 5 links above to familiarize yourself with famous and iconic photos in 20thC photo history.

Comment on the ideas you have and which photographers you want to pay homage to in your photographs.


Art 3 – Scratchboard – Due 1/31


Before you start working on your project, preview the Russ McMullins scratchboard tutorial.


and the video tutorial by Lars Erik Robinson


view google images for scratchboard

This artist is also an excellent reference:


Comment on the method of looking at light rather than dark as you draw.  How does it alter the way you usually see and usually draw?  Also comment on what you are trying to show in your drawing.  Why did you choose the natural object that you did, what did you like about it, what are your aesthetic goals with this scratchboard drawing.

Art 1 – Color and Music – Due 2/3


This program (written by Ali Nikrang for Mozarteum Kultur GmbH) visualizes a piano performance in realtime using the “Color theory” by Scriabin.
You can see here a few examples. (but in this case the program uses a standard midi-file and an ePiano to play it).

Notes and Colors:
C :  Red
C# D Flat : Violet
D :  Yellow
D# E Flat :  Steel colors with metal shine
E : Whitish-blue
F : Red, dark F# G Flat : Blue, bright
G :  Orange-pink
G# A Flat : Purplish-violet
A :  Green
A# B Flat : Steel colors with metal shine
B : Similar to E

1. Comment first on this computer program  above that correlates notes to colors and Scriabin’s piano piece.
2. In the site below, if you are a musician, what do you think of the detailed explanations?   If you are not a musician, what do you think about it?  Can you make any sense of it or draw any conclusions?

Color and Music Theory

3. In the link below – consider whether or not you have any synesthesic tendencies. Give some examples of correlations, try the test with your friends and draw some conclusions.


4. Post a link you found relevant to the discussion and comment on other’s links.

For sketchbook – draw one hour to music and note on the side or back of page the type and musicians you were listening to while drawing.

Art 1 – Surreal Perspective – due 1/13


With your next project in mind, to create your own surreal, dreamlike world through perspective, look at the 5 following links and comment on what  image interests you at each link. Comment on one image at each of the 5 sites and  for each make observations about: a) the technical aspects of making a surreal scene (interior, building, etc.) and, b) the emotional effect. (Note, the modern architecture at the last site is not surreal but some of the buildings are so unusual, they inspire the imagination. Comment on the technical feats and the resultant emotional effect.)

Surreal Interiors

Surreal Architecture

Flying Houses

Victor Enrich architectural images

Modern Architecture

For your sketchbook, spend an hour planning your surreal perspective drawing with a variety sketches, ideas, plans, and thumbnails.  Visually brainstorm so you can start your project in class on Monday.

The final drawing needs to show a building, exterior or interior, in perspective with a surrealist component, to create an emotional, imaginative, fantastical, or ridiculous effect. If your building is in one point perspective, you need to have something in the drawing showing 2 point perspective (i.e. floating mailbox or chair.)

Some standards for a surrealist effect: change of scale, context, change of physical characteristics.

The drawing will be finished with full shading in black and white and color, for expressive effect.