Monthly Archives: March 2012

Art 1 – for 4/10


Wolf Kahn review

Read the review linked above and the article  linked below. Watch at least one of the videos (the second is most recommended regarding the path of his career and comments about painting.)

Wolf Kahn studio visit

What do you find as the most interesting art historical fact and why?

Does his personal history in Nazi Germany and “Kindertransport” refugee change the way you view and interpret his work?

What insights about painting your own landscapes do you gain from listening to him, looking at, and reading about his paintings ?

Do 1 hour in your sketchbook, inspired by Wolf Kahn’s work.


Art 3 – Critique 3/27


Look at the work at the non-objective designs at the following website and see it any of the designs have aesthetic appeal and try to figure out what attracts you the most and the least.  Which of the formal elements and principles are the most important for you?

Christopher Goodwin art

Read Malevich’s Suprematist Manifesto (midpage) and discuss it. What makes sense, what doesn’t.  Could you apply ideas like this to your abstractions?

Malevich’s Suprematism Manifesto

Art 2 – Critique 3/27


Take a quick look at Remedios Varo bio on Wikipedia and then view carefully the works and interpretations in the link below.

Remedios Varo gallery and interpretations

What aspect of her life is most interesting to you in relation to the style and message of her paintings?

Which work is especially interesting to you? Do you agree with the interpretation of it on the site? If not, why?

Is her work out of date or is it relevant to us today? If not, how could you update it?

Art 1 for 3/19


Arthur Dove

Read the article and view the paintings in the slide show at the top.

What is the most interesting historical fact to you about his life?

How would you describe his artistic philosophy? (Why did he paint the way he painted?)

From the slide show at the top of the article, which is your favorite work and why?  How does the description add to your appreciation of it?

In your sketchbook, spend an hour on some art that is inspired by Dove, either objective or non-objective, but certainly abstracted.

Art 1 for 3/12


Watch both videos on Paul Klee with your full attention.

Comment on the effect his paintings had on your senses, feelings, and imagination?

What role did music play in supporting or counteracting the work in each video?

Even though many of his works have subject matter, what inspiration can you get from this for your non-objective abstractions that you are working on in-class?

In your sketchbook, spend an hour on some art that is inspired by Klee, either objective or non-objective, but certainly abstracted.