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Art 1 – Flow Phenomenon – due Fri. Jan. 13, 2017


Watch the following video and allow your sense of wonder some space and time to explore the various phenomena.

During the winter break, start to notice flow phenomena in your everyday world.  In your sketchbook notes, list 5 things in your experience that capture your attention (they may not be as dramatic as those pictured). They can include all physical phenomena that demonstrate “flow.” Comment on one example and why you found it to be engaging on a visual and/or scientific level.

In your sketchbook, do an hour drawing (mark the time on the back) that is inspired by the patterns in the video or your observations of flow phenomenon. Try to make a balanced, abstract composition and use color and shading. It may be smaller is size, depending on detail and media.


Art 1 – Rosenquist (part 2) – due Fri. Dec. 9




Read the following article and note especially how the images in F-111 are interpreted in relation to the Vietnam War:

Big! James Rosenquist

View this video of the full F-111 installation:


Explore the painting:

On one page of your sketchbook, discuss in your NOTES:

1. The political meaning of Rosenquist’s F-111.

2. Your analysis of the specific ways in which the work is effectively designed. (Consider the use of repetition, rhythm, emphasis, transitions, contrast, color, or positive and negative space.)

For your SKETCHBOOK, do a Pop Art style drawing that has a social, political, or environmental message that you care about. Like Rosenquist’s, it may require the viewer to make interpretations and draw conclusions based on the pop imagery you present. Keep track of the time to total one hour.