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Art 1 – 3/5/12 “Painting” process of Bari Kumar


“painting” process of Bari Kumar

How does Bari Kumar combine his personal context with the larger cultural context and history?

How do you interpret his art?  The same or differently than he does?

In thinking about color, tradition, and symbolism, is one element more expressive or meaningful to you?

(sketchbook assignment on widget for Art 1)


Art 2/3 for 3/6 Critique


Watch this video and comment on the following questions, building upon one another’s responses:

What is the most interesting or exciting aspect of art and artists at the dump?

How is this art different that the traditional observational drawing you are doing in class in terms of the mental activity you go through as an artist in the creative process?

If you were an artist in residence at the dump, what kind of project would you want to do?

Can you conceive of  a collaborative kind of project that uses dump materials and bicycle drawings(Art3) or portraits (Art 2)? What would be the intention and effect that you envision through this combination?

Art 1 – color in advertising and color psychology for 2/27


Red in advertising

Do you find this to be true in the products you are attracted to that are red?  Is there a similar effect in paintings that are red dominant?

Green in advertising

Do you find this to be true in the products you are attracted to that are green?  Is there a similar effect in paintings where green is integral?

Look at the index bar on the left in the link below and be sure to read about Luscher’s psychological interpretation. Does it work for you?

Dr. Max Luscher’s work

Art 2/3 for 2/23 Crit


LL Cool J on Creativity

Check out what LL Cool J has to say about creativity (short 2-3 min clip).

Anselm Kiefer talks about being an artist

Listen to Kiefer’s short talk about being an artist. (1 min)

Richard Tuttle – reasons for art

Listen to Tuttle’s reasons for art. (1 min)

Will Rogan talks about the meaning of things

Listen to what Will Rogan says about finding meaning in the world around him. (1 min)

Reflect on the ideas expressed by these artists.  What ideas impress you most? Is there a common thread between them?  Are there meaningful differences?

When you comment, as in a live conversation, build upon and make a bridge to the ideas from the previous comment. Add you own point of view, inviting the next commentator to join the conversation.

Art 1 – 2/13/12 – Beach Creatures


Look at this film and notice Jansen’s comments about his intentions for his art (the reasons he makes these things) and his ideas about the connections between art, science, and engineering.

Wind Beasts

Look at his website thoroughly, using the menu bar to check each category:

Theo Jansen website

What is the most interesting aspect of his art to you?

Would you like to see it on the beach? Why or why not?

How does it compare or contrast to Taylor’s work last week?

Do an hour drawing that is related to and inspired by his work.

Art 2/3 for 2/14 Crit


As you work on your next assignment, think about the role that curiosity and research play in the creative and artistic process.

Read what this blogger has to say and others’ comments at this site:

creativity a cousin of curiousity

Does curiosity play a role in your creativity?

Do you ever think “what if” as you are in the process of making art?

Share some of the answers to these questions in your blog comment and cite other sources that you might be able to find  that are of interest regarding the topics of creativity, curiosity, and/or the role of research in making art.