Photo – The Projected Image & Pinhole Photography


The basics of photographic phenomena:

What are these pinhole cameras recording?

solargraphia blog

How to construct your 6 month pinhole.

A Kirby 2013/14 Photo student’s room converted into a pinhole:

Nathan's pinole

Frodude's room as a pinhole camera

At the following link, search for entry #439.. Look around at the gallery for some great images from all over the world.

Worldwide Pinhole Day 2005

Here is a direct link to my entry in 2014.

Worldwide Pinhole Day 2014

Art 2 – Mondrian’s Chrysanthemum – 8/16


Look at this link for an introduction to Mondrian’s Chrysanthemum and some of his artistic influences:

Search with the following words for some more insights into his Chrysanthemum drawings:

(mondrian master drawings smith college museum of art)

Choose Google Book and scroll page 236 and read both indented quotes, especially the last, from Mondrian about his intentions, followed by another image of a Chrysanthemum on page 237.

Here is a link for the video summary of his life, art, and some more art historical information:

In your sketchbook, note what is interesting about this artist, his artistic development, the Chrysanthemum drawings, and his use of media and line to create form and space. Next, in your sketchbook, copy a portion of one of his Chrysanthemum drawings.

AP Art – Getting Started – part 2


1. Look at the video relevant to your specialty : 2D-Drawing (2DR), or 2D- Design (2DN), or 3D. But don’t hesitate to look at any others and post/share links!  Take notes on the strengths of the portfolios (you do not need to look at those outside of your designated AP but you may want to do so anyway.) Consider how these examples might help you to narrow your focus, even though your focus might be quite different. Don’t hesitate to make notes about strengths you see in their work and ideas you might have from them.

A. 2DN

B. 2DR



D. More2D design and Drawing:


2. Look at the list on this site and think about the ideas in relation to your ideas, so far, about your Concentration.  Take notes on the ideas the the list gives you.Remember, you need to settle on your Concentration next week (unless you are photo AP.)





AP Art – Getting Started – part 1


Go to the website and investigate the resources available to you.

Here are drawing portfolio samples:

Here are 2d design portfolio samples, including photography:

Look at the following sketchbooks and the ways you can make your sketchbook a hotbed of media, imagery, and ideas that will lead to your Concentration.

From this introduction and the discussion in class,

write down any questions you have about the AP requirements

your personal artistic goals,

ways which you think you can help one another, and

Make an active and ongoing list to any artists/photographers or images that you currently find inspiring, particularly any that might contribute to your development. Do this throughout the year as part of your creative search and active, responsive image-making.

Finally, look at these ideas:

Concentration ideas