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Art for Social Change/ Art for Peace / Kirby students reach out to refugees and IDPs


Last spring Kirby Art students made pictures about peace to offer to the Syrian refugees and IDPs in Iraq when Terri Crisp journeyed there for a humanitarian trip in August.  (See posts May 10 and May 17 for more information about: art for social change, Terri Crisp’s bio and work, and information from her previous trip in the Spring.)

Here is an update which shares preparatory information about the trip. Notice the Kirby students and their work in item #8.

Advice of Mr. Rogers

In addition to information about the people at Ashti camp and facepainting with the children, this update has details about Yousif, receiving Sophia Rose’s painting.

Update #4

In addition to other humanitarian work being done in Ankawa, this update has details about Sophia Rose’s second painting, given to Josephine’s family.

Update #5

In addition to information about the Khanke camp and face painting at the Bajet Kandala 2 camp, this update has details about the Kirby students’ art shown to the painter, Ammar Salim.  He was given Meghan’s piece and the remaining Kirby art pieces went on display at Dr. Ghafouri’s clinic.

Update #10

This update includes information about the Duhok zoo, Dr. Sulaiman’s work educating children about animals and the art work of Ammar Salim.

Update #11





OPEN STUDIOS Art 1, 2, 3, 4, AP, Photo, Photo P.P. and I.S. – Oct. 3-4, Oct. 10-11, Oct. 17-18 – Due by Mon. Oct.19


Over the next 3 weekends, Santa Cruz County artists will open their studios to visitors to show their art and art making processes.

For each art class enrolled in at Kirby, attend a total of 3 artists studios. (Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, Art 4 – any type of art from glass to textile to painting, printmaking, or photography.)

Photo students must attend studios of photographers; Independent Study and AP 2D, focus on your medium.

For each visit, in your sketchbook,  you must:

1. Write  bullet points with your observations of the studio, the artist, their techniques and processes (this information is posted in their studio, if you don’t see it, ask about their technique.)  AND,

2. Sketch something from their studio or a part of their work that inspires you.

For your own growth and enlightenment, ask questions directly of the artist and share results of your “interview” in class.

For extra credit, you may do this for more than 3 artist studios.

To help you choose, consider attending the Preview Show at the Santa Cruz Art League on Broadway (see link.)

Open Studios Art Tour

Students may attend the studios together but they should have independent notes.

Do all three on one weekend or one each weekend, but don’t leave until the last day! Plan it out.

There is a Guide Booklet in art rooms 216 and 222 with maps if you want to plan your weekend trips.  North County is the first weekend,  South County the second, and some artists are open for the third Encore weekend.

For Art  1 – There is a 30-minute free choice sketchbook drawing due at the end of each week.

For other Art classes, sketchbook homework remains the same as the pattern established to date, in support of in-class work and ideas for extensions.

ART 1 – Ellsworth Kelly – due 10/1


1. Look at the following 2 articles on Ellsworth Kelly and the interview with him in the video.

2.  In your page of SKETCHBOOK NOTES, comment on at least one piece of advice that’s useful for you as an artist.

3.  And, comment on how his seemingly simple works actually reflect his sensitivity to form and how they are connected to emotion or expression.

For your sketchbook DRAWING HOMEWORK, do an hour of simplified contour drawings of various individual objects (as we will do in class with plants).  You may use a few pages for this or work in smaller frames on the page (so you can think about composition as Kelly does).



1. Look at the video relevant to your specialty : 2D-Drawing (2DR), or 2D- Design (2DN), or 3D.

A. 2D-design

AP Photography

B. 2DR

2. Look at the list on this site and think about the ideas in relation to your ideas, so far, about your Concentration.  Remember, you do not need to settle in on a Concentration yet.  You are in contemplation mode.


3. Finally, think about the strengths of the portfolio and kinds of ideas the video(s) and the list gives you. Consider how they might help you to narrow your focus, even though your focus might be quite different.

Art 3 – Mayhew, Corot, and Trees – 9/17


View the video and take notes about the artist, his history, and artistic goals.

A century earlier, Jean Corot, became known and admired for his paintings, of trees in the French countryside.  Many of them, in turn, inspired the impressionists.

Corot bio

View each of the links of Corot paintings, read the captions, and notice the specificity and, at the same time, the painterly qualities of the trees.

Corot – Oaks  at Bas-Breau, Fontainbleu

Corot – The Ferryman

Corot – Honfleur: Calvary

Corot – Villa d’Avray

Look at the images of trees on the first 3 pages of the search and copy 3 that you especially like in your sketchbook.

tree studies

ART 2 – Artful branches – 9/15


1. Look at the student studies of branches using cross contours.

2. Look at the Almond Branches by van Gogh and read the commentary about the context and the composition. Take notes on the major points:

3. Notice the method of this artist working on a reproduction of van Gogh’s Almond Branches.

4. Read the biography of  and comments on Patricia Tobacco Forrester. Take notes on the major points:


5. Look at all the images and compositions by Forrester at this site and the google images below it, and others if you want. Consider how she uses positive and negative space in the compositions:

6. Consider the visual and emotional effect of the branches by van Gogh and Forrester in terms of both their symbolic significance and  the visual effect.  Which image is most impressive to you and why? How does this contribute to your understanding of  and sensitivity to the form of the branches? Write down your responses.