Art 1 – Collaboration Due 4/15


Read the following article and view the video.  First, comment on what interests you in the article AND in the video.

Dangerous Minds: Warhol and Basquiat

Read the following article and comment on any differences of opinion about the collaboration presented in it.

Does Artistic Collaboration Ever Work?

Visit the Whitney website and change the pattern. It is all the way to the right. Click on “Change it”.

Comment on what you did, why you wanted to make that change, and whether you liked the result.

Pattern Maker Collaborative

For sketchbook, collaborate in any manner and any media with one or more people, (fellow students, family members, friends) on one or more drawings to total 1 hour.


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  1. I loved the art and thought it was a fascinating take on urban art. I don’t think the artists were particularly suited for each other, and the paintings were to me more of an expression of a single person’s artistic skill rather than a mixture of two different artists’ expression

    I disagree with the second site’s beliefs about the art. While I think that perhaps they should have synced their styles to each other, I think the overall outcome was good and that the urban art, pop art, and graffiti inspired style was interesting, textured, and overall pleasing to look at. The amount of culture that is compacted into these paintings, as well as the surreal style, makes the paintings actually a little bit creepy. Don’t ask me what unsettled me about it, but something did.

    On the Whitney site, I made dark turquoise spirals, crosses, a jigsaw puzzle of green, and a few pale aqua diamonds. I decided to make this change, not because I disliked the original pattern in the first place, but because I prefer cool colors to warm ones and the pattern before was composed of pink and orange. I liked the result well enough, but the one thing I think would have been nice would be if I would have had more options for patterns. A few times, I wanted to create a new design, but the program that we were using to create patterns on the site limited my options and abilities.

  2. I found the pieces they made interesting, but, like iceblue, I don’t quite think they mesh too well. It’s a little bit like having a singer from a rock band feature on a pop song – it doesn’t quite work. Then again, though, this also made the works interesting, because there’s more to look at.

    I honestly believe that if two artists want to work together, they have to know eachother’s style pretty well, and be able to work with that. Also, because art is a lot of personal emotions and reflection to other ideas, I think that if two artists wanted to make a piece of art that actually works together, they’d have to be very good friends, both keen on the idea of exchanging personal ideas and feelings in order to create a piece of art that looks decent.

    For the pattern, I made large orange pluses, gray clouds, tally marks (small, and in the distance), and this bubble-wrap-type things, also in the distance, in a light blue colour. I liked the pluses being forward and really bright because the rest of the pattern was in colours like dark blue or grey.

  3. I found the stories that those artists pick and acknowledge a partner is very interesting. For example, Basquiat tried to convince the other artists of his capacity. He then did not stay for the lunch, but instead draw a painting during the time. All the people in factories were amazed by the talent of Basquiat then.

    I found in the articles, the ideas posted by others are really various. Some people disregard the collaboration. They thought the collaboration created messy and ordinary painting because of the losing of personality. However, there are still many praise on the collaboration. People stated they are both capable to gain improvement by each other at the same time hold their own styles. On the other hand, young artist can learn many things from the collaborations.

    I made an intensive background of blue and black circles. Then I enlarge the scale of cross and make it transparent. on the top of layers I added several green dots that is also transparent. I wanted to make it look shiny and illusory, which looks like fantastic lights.

  4. I found it intriguing that two so very different artists worked so well together. Neither dominating, but both working off what the other did, and complementing each other’s style. I also found it a little funny Basquiat painted Andy Warhol as a banana.

    I think artists can collaborate successfully. It is a very different process than working alone, and produces a different kind of work, but it is still very fruitful. The artists should have an understanding of each other, and respect each other. I don’t think it smothers creativity though.

    At the Whitney site, I made the background the little hollow triangle pattern, and made it blue. I added white polka dots, and made the bars teal. I made those changes because I liked the calmer feeling it had, also more organized. I’m fairly pleased with the result.

  5. I thought it was interesting how Basquiat and Warhol were not very fond of eachother at first but with time they grew able to work together and work off of eachother. I really liked the painting brown spots beacause of how it still looks like a banana but it has the essence of andy warhol.
    I think that collaboration is a positive thing because the two painters were able to work off of each others styles and have a conversation through art. I think that it is okay that their styles are so different because that is what makes their work more visually pleasing and complex. The collaboration benefitted the artists themselves as well. Warhol began to paint freehand again and basquiet got a role model. I couldnt find the pattern changer. It probably doesnt work on my computer.

  6. I found the artists different backgrounds and styles interesting. Andy Warhol is the grizzled veteran of the art world with decades of experience and a slow and methodical style. Jean- Michel Basquiat is the brilliant upstart rookie with nothing but his hopes and dreams to go on and a wild and spontaneous style honed on the streats as a graffiti artist. But now they must join forces and get over their differences to create a great collaborative work. It’s just like the plot of an action movie, but with art.

    I agree with TangP, the ideas in the articles were conflicting. Some thought it was good, others thought it was bad, some thought it was in a grey area. All in all, I think the paintings created were just like any other in that wether you like them or not is a matter of opinion. That would explain why there is so much conflict. Even in the coments now posted, some like the collaboration and some don’t. Its all about perspective and what the viewer likes or dosn’t like.

    For the pattern I made Orange swirls that were smaller than the originals, I made blue dots that were smaller, a yellow background and purple rectangles. I wanted to make the pattern look more intracit and sophisticated as the pattern before was rather crude and I didn’t like it. Everything was set on the biggest size so you couldn’t appreciate the actual shapes. I feel I made the pattern better.

  7. I enjoyed the compositions by Warhol and Basquiat, even though it seemed that their collaborations were mostly internal dialogues that couldn’t be interpreted. They exhibited very similar styles, which to me had a negative effect of the collaborations. If two people are going to go about something the exact same way, what’s the point in collaborating?!

    The second article didn’t seem to offer any sort of straight answer to the question they proposed. Any possibility relied on several conditions; there was no absolutism whatsoever. However, such should be the nature of the article, as human nature is not itself objective. As everyone functions slightly differently, it is impossible to make a judgement on the effectiveness of collaboration.

    Lastly, the only thing I did for the pattern was to align all of the angles to 0 degrees because the off-kilter style someone left it in drove me crazy. My pattern was more visually pleasing to me, and because I had no problems with anything else in the previous pattern, I left it as is.

  8. I thought it was interesting that they were at such different places in their careers, and that they fulfilled such opposite needs for each other, not only in their art but in their relationship. Despite this, they were very complementary, and I really liked their artwork.

    There’s upsides and downsides to collaborating with someone, and what I concluded from reading this article was that in the beginning, working with others and throwing around ideas and such can be really good to get the spark going, but that after that, it’s usually necessary for an artist of any type to work on it solo. Having other people to help with editing and refining can also be really good.

    I made all the patterns into swirls of different colors that were mostly gold, and then some that were
    blue. I just liked the way they looked, I like the flow and the curves of them. I adjusted the size so they were all different sizes, and tried to make them overlapping as much as the black background as possible.

  9. I though it was cool that they were so different especially that they were in different places in their careers. They had kind of similar styles which was kind of interesting because in a way someone could have thought that they were drawn by the same people.

    I think artists can collaborate successfully. It is a very different process than working alone, and produces a different kind of work, but it is still very fruitful. The artists should have an understanding of each other, and respect each other.

    The pattern thing did not work on my computer.

    • What i did was i put really small purple crosses and then dark blue googly eyes but they are covered up now by some dark half circles and there are also dark red u’s everywhere which are kind of big.

  10. I thought the artwork and the artist were very interesting. I like the fact that at first they didn’t like eachother but soon grew on eachother. I think it can be very hard to work with another artist because it is different than when you are working alone. But these two artist did a good job using eachothers strengths.

    I think artist can work together. But they have to be able to talk to eachother and not butt heads the whole time. There are some good things about working with another person because you get more ideas and you get to build off of one another but there are some bad things. There can be things the two people disagree on and that can cause a lot of problems in an artwork. Also the two artists styles can sometimes not go well together which effects the artwork greatly.

    On my pattern I made the circles bigger. The back ones. I didn’t like them small because you couldn’t really see them. Also made the back circles so that you could see them a bit more but you could still see the front circles. I messed around with the circles. I don’t actually know what I did to the colors but I know I did something.

  11. The article and video effectively highlight the spontaneity and synergy of collaboration. Basquiat and Warhol played off each other to create things neither one would have on their own.

    The idea that collaboration is important in certain stages of creation and counterproductive in others rings true. I like bouncing ideas off someone (e.g., my dad) as I brainstorm for an essay. We often have a long conversation about it before I start, giving me a new ideas and a new perspective to keep in mind as I write. However, I can’t imagine trying to write an essay with someone looking over my shoulder the whole time. It would make me self-conscious and would keep me from developing my own vision onto the page.

    I deleted every layer of tiles and made the background black. It was the least obnoxious pattern available. The result looked much better than whatever rainbow excrement was there before.

    • You make an excellent point about how important it is to have a collaborative process that suits the comfort level of the participants. Sometimes artists will collaborate only in the initial “brainstorming” stage and others will alternate from beginning to end, taking turns in the production of the work, choosing to reveal (or not) the work as they make changes and additions. Some artists even work on it at the same time if the piece is large enough.

  12. I thought the video was really interesting not just because of the art but because of how I got to see the artists in their natural habitat, or their natural habitat disturbed by videographers and journalists. I enjoyed listening and watching the caricature that is Andy Warhol as he provided his degree of metrosexual swagger around a surprisingly nervous Basquiat. However, I liked how comfortable they were with eachother not just interpersonally, but how they went about painting over eachother’s artwork to add their own flair without necessarily defacing the other artist’s.

    The article didn’t really provide any sort of definite answer but rather sampled several different opinions from art critics who didn’t know what they were doing. I didn’t like it.

    The thing that was there was checkerboard, which was boring, so I changed it to something a little more vibrant but still clean. I am satisfied.

  13. In my opinion, I think it’s really important to find a partner who can understand and enjoy your arts in the different category and then work together. For example, I really admire the relation between Andy Warhol and Jean-michel Basquiat. They can complement and advise each other’s styles and collaborate together. And I really like their arts as well. Especially, in the painting–Arm and Hammer, the paintings have two sides. One is like pop art and it’s abstract; however, the other one is truly arm and hammer.

    As I mentioned before, I agree with the collaboration between artists, especially in the different category. Because it ont only can fix each other’s disadvantage, but also can find the new possibility. So why not…

    I really like the pattern that I made. First of all, I keep the black background, and then I add some violet clouds to be the first layer. Secondly, I add some green circle to be the second layer and keep it the same size as the clouds. Then I have some pentagons and make them the way bigger as the third layer. So i just left this as my website background.

  14. I enjoyed seeing how both the relationships between the people and the art piece grew in the process
    i think its very important to find a cohesive theme then have all artists work from that
    i enjoyed the andy warhol collaboration as well
    On the whitney website i changed the colors to more pinks made the dots smaller and rotated and enlarged the squiggly lines.

  15. I thought it was very interesting how two artists could work together so well, and how mixing two styles can create a whole new style which is what Basquiat and Warhol did.

    One thing that I picked out of the second article is that some critics think that combining these two different artists was not a good idea because the piece has some qualities from both artists but the piece cant make up its mind on which qualities it wants to be its defining ones. So this leads to confusion for the viewer.

    I rotated the small blue squiggly lines so that they were paralleled to the big thick white lines i did this sot that these lines would complement each other but i did not like the result and i think that the perpendicular lines look better.

  16. I really enjoyed reading the article and learning about Warhol and Jean-Michel about looking at their artwork. It seemed the two artists were quite different in style and popularity. They complimented each other well, no pun intended. I also liked the video and its narrative along with the commentary of Jean-Michel. I enjoyed the art and its pop-art style. It was interesting to hear Jean-Michel talk about how black people aren’t in enough modern art so he makes artwork with black people in it.

    The second article had some interesting points that helped me to see both sides of the argument for colaberation. Both artists influenced each other and helped each other with things. However, the critics of the work that they made together were not entirely pleased. This may have been because the artwork was a little messy and all over the place. It’s difficult to do one style of an artwork with many hands working on it.

    One thing I did to the background was brighten the circles. This helped to draw the circle more to the foreground and pushed the squiggly lines back. I also changed the squiggly lines and the stripes to cross each other to make more of an x shape that added some more contrast.

  17. For the pattern I made one with large green circles in the back and squiggly lines and daimonds. I liked it because of how all the colors worked together and the bright red squiggles against the light green back. I would like it more if the daimonds were more opaque.

  18. What I found interesting in the article was that Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat’s collaboration with one another began with a competitive feel. Warhol was not particularly impressed with Basquiat’s work the first time he saw it.

    I found it interesting in the second article that one critic viewed their art as cluttered and chaotic and full of inside jokes. I think it is those things that make art interesting and unique, and having a partner in art can add new elements and new ideas that would not come about from just one person.

    I could not for the life of me find anywhere on the third website that said “change it,” so I was not able to do this part of the blog.

  19. I liked the paintings by Warhol and Basquiat though it seemed like their collaborations were more internal dialogues that could not be interpreted They showed quite similar styles and it kind of seemed as if they were a weird pair to put together because it almost looked like it was just one person painting and i think that the fun of a collaboration is more the fact that the two artists have different styles and that they paint differently.
    I thought when i read this second article, that working with other people and having different ideas can be a good way to get your imagination to flow and get new ideas. Although i also think that sense the different artists function very differently it is hard to judge on how good the collab is, but i liked it.
    On the last one it could not let me go on the changing thing. I don’t know why but for some reason it was not working for me. I tried changing stuff but I didn’t let me keep the changes? I don’t know why this is happening, but i might try later on another computer and then comment once i have tried.

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