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Memorial Day blog Art 1,2,&3 – Due 5/29


Look at the link below and comment on the artistry Dix uses to protest war.

How does he shape your response through subject and style?

What are his most important tools as an artist to convey a powerful message?

What work most affected you (intellectually and/or emotionally)?

Art 1, also do an hour sketchbook in response.

Art 2&3, continue work on major projects…..this may influence your final piece for the year……

As noted on the site: “Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix (2 December 1891 — 25 July 1969) was a German painter and printmaker, noted for his ruthless and harshly realistic depictions of Weimar society and the brutality of war. Along with George Grosz, he is widely considered one of the most important artists of the Neue Sachlichkeit.”


Art 1 – For 5/21


Spend at least 10 minutes looking at the examples of the mixed media journals in the link below. These were collaboratively and randomly made by tens of thousands. Be sure to touch on the different categories. Comment on what you found, what interested you, what you felt when looking into the personal thoughts left by strangers, and inspiration you get from this mixed media art.  Then do an hour on mixed media sketchbook pages in the style of some of the journals you liked.

1000 Journals Project

Art 3 – for 5/24 Crit


The following are COMPOSITION TIPS from Johannes Vloothuis.   “I put together a series of “ rules” (I’d prefer the word, tips) of composition that when used properly should reduce the flaws in your landscape paintings. These are a compilation of what appears in most books on composition plus some of my own ideas. A word of caution; do not allow these to hinder your work. They are to help you out when you are in doubt on where to place diverse elements in your work. Rules are made to be broken, in which case you should at least know what rule you are breaking and why and not err due to insufficient knowledge.”

Art 3 students: Look through ALL of the ideas and examples in the link below.  Comment on the 3 that are most important to the landscape painting you are working on now. (Not the first 3 you see…..or only on the first few pages)

Landscape Guidelines

Art 1 – for 5/14


Watch this award winning film short titled Art Appreciation and consider the ideas presented.

What makes something art?

What is art?

What is good art?

What makes meaning in art?

Who makes the meaning, the artist or the viewer?

In your comments, consider at least 3 of these questions.

In your sketchbook, 1 hour on a “meaningful” drawing, collage, or mixed media.