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Art 2 – Pentimento – 11/30


1. Look at the following works by Leonardo. Notice the rhythms and movement in the drawing and how the media is layered and built up.

Virgin and Child with St Anne and John the Baptist

2. Pentimenti is an alteration (Italian for “repentance”) to a work of art that is visible in the later work.  It shows the thought process of the artist in earlier states of the art work.  Look at the following sites for other examples of pentimenti in drawing.

(scroll down to green title “The Newest in Pentimenti”  and then at this site search “Just in Time for Spring Break”

Read the posts and look at the images.)

pinterest pentimento

For each site, in your sketchbook, note the 2  images that interest you most and jot down the reaasons why  (total of 4 to choose and discuss.)






Art 3 – Process of Abstraction – Scully and Mehretu – 11/23


Watch the following video and make notes in your sketchbook on key issues/questions that Scully introduces on abstraction.


1. the video of Julie Mehretu working on a large scale mural,

2. a gallery site containing her drawings and paintings,

3. a video interview about some of that work which was on exhibit, and

4. a summary bio from Wikipedia.

In your sketchbook, list your responses to her creative process.  Consider: what do you think guides her in her creative process? Why is that little yellow square so important in its placement?  How does she decide what to add, take out, or leave in the piece?  Why do you think she avoids talking about the piece in formal art terms (elements and principles of design)? Why is it important to her that she starts on a ground rather than blank white canvas/paper?



Think about what your process will be in creating an abstract piece and whether or not yours has any similarities to hers.

Art 1 – Rosenquist (part 1) – due Dec. 3


James Rosenquist World’s Fair Mural, 1964 oil on masonite 240 x 240 in.





Respond to the following on one page for your SKETCHBOOK NOTES:

1.What is the relevance of Pop art to contemporary life?

2.Describe whether or not you think Pop art is “old fashioned” or irrelevant since it is 50+ years old.

3.What is your response to Rosenquist as an artist?

For your SKETCHBOOK DRAWING, spend at least an hour on a Pop art style drawing. Keep track of your time on the back.

Art 2 – Collaborations – 11/19


As you listen to this podcast, take notes in your sketchbook on the facts and ideas  presented.

Podcast on Tunisian Collaborative painting

add any ideas to your notes from the following articles.

Tunisian Collaborative painting

Tunisian Collaborative painting wikipedia

video at NY Art Students League

Take notes as this article is read and presented on the working relationship between Warhol and Basquiat.

Warhol and Basquiat

And this article on the collaborations between Roth and Rainer.

The joys and perils of collaboration

For further study, you can refer to this article:

Does artistic collaboration ever work

Art 1 – Netsuke – due Nov. 19


This week in class, you will create a small clay animal sculpture. For design inspiration, we will explore the Japanese art of netsuke.

Click this link to view slides and read an overview of netsuke:

In your sketchbook notes, respond:

1. What was the original purpose of netsuke?
2. Describe design qualities, common materials, and popular subjects.
3. What is the katabori format of netsuke? Describe or draw an example.

Next, browse and select at least 3 interesting examples of animal-themed miniature sculpture from a museum site: (click on “animals”)

Spend an hour drawing these 3 or more netsuke images with attention to form, value (shading), and texture. Color is optional.

Art 1 – Google Art Project – due Nov. 12


Diego Rivera  The Alarm Clock, 1914

Go to the following website:

Google Art Project

Click on the upper left “COLLECTIONS.” Choose any museum to visit.

Take your time and look at many works in the museum or collection, as if you are actually touring the site in person.

For your SKETCHBOOK BLOG RESPONSE NOTES, comment on any 3 different works in the collection that make an impression on you. Explain why each made an impact: consider both the visual aspects and the ideas communicated by the art.

To complement our in-class studio work, do a search for “STILL LIFE.” For your ONE-HOUR SKETCHBOOK DRAWING, create an image in response to still life found on Google Art Project. Choose any style that appeals to you. (To get you started, here are some artists who approach still life in vastly different, interesting ways: Rachel Ruysch, Paul Cezanne, Juan Gris, Diego Rivera, and Hyun Mi Yoo.)

Art 3 – Antonio Lopez Garcia – Still life – 11/5


Look at and take notes about the following sites and pay attention especially to Isabel Quintanilla and Antonio Lopez Garcia.

Madrid Realist artists

Take notes about Garcia’s attitudes towards his subject and his work process.

Look at the drawings and take notes on his methods and style.  What makes them special even though they are ordinary objects? How does he make the ordinary extrordinary?

Antonio Lopez Garcia black and white drawings

(better results in searching for “Antonio Lopez Garcia drawing”)

“Most of my work comes about because something bursts into my life that moves me,” says Antonio López García.

Find an everyday item that you can draw with intensity and the kind of loving attention that Garcia bring to his subject.

Think about bringing in a half eaten plate of food, a glass, and white linen napkin….crumpled paper, toothbrush, toothpaste….what is worthy of your attention? What will catch the light in an amazing way? Bring in your subject by tomorrow.