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Photo 1 – into summer



born into brothels



annie leibovitz pilgramage sjma


ten best movies for photography

Over the summer – share your photo inspiration and your photos!


Art 1 – Due 6/3


All year, you have been viewing sites about visual art and artists in order to support your understanding of art as a visual language  and your work as an artist in the classroom.

For your post this week,  think about what you have learned about art from these sites and what you want to learn about art. Spend some time browsing for a site about a visual artist or visual art style (…..not just a random pinterest  or tumbler site.  But you may, however, let that art that you like on one of those sites, lead you to a specific, individual site of one of those artists).

Post a link to the site and explain why you like the work visually what interests you intellectually about the artist and/or art style.

Explain how you will be inspired by the site and use that inspiration in your own work.

Spend an hour drawing in your sketchbook as preparation for your final painting inspired by this artist/style.