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Art 1 – Chance composition and the color game – due March 3


First: Watch the following video and comment on the idea of “assisted chance” and the idea of “holding 2-3 ideas in mind at the same time”?

Arp’ s composition and the role of chance

Then, spend at least 10 minutes doing the game (see link below)…..try to perfect your matches and do all three levels.

Leave a comment about your experience.

You are learning about saturation and value by exercising your eyes….what better preparation for painting?!

For sketchbook activity, use a viewfinder to find chance compositions that are non-objective and are visually satisfying to you.

Cut  out and paste in sketchbook.

Minimum 4 black and white and 4 color for full credit. ( newspaper or magazine sources)

We will be using these for painting so follow your aesthetic taste.


Art 2 – Automatist Creation – more for 2/25


Before you continue on your project, look at the art of Joan Miro in video below (and notice what Myers says about the creative process)

Joan Miro (and G.C. Myers)

Look at Jiyoun Lee’s Mindscapes and read some of the discussion about the impetus for the work from the interview.

Jiyoun Lee – Mindscapes

Interview Jiyoun lee

And, here is some historic context from MOMA’s site.

MOMA automatism

Art 2 – Automatist creation – due 2/21


Enjoy the video and let your imagination wander  with these images.

Read about Max Ernst and his use of decalcomania

Max Ernst / Decalcomania

As a possible way to approach your painting, (with acrylic and matte medium instead of oil paint and turpenoid), watch the techniques in this video

In your post, comment on ideas gained from each one of the  4 links.

Also comment on the approaches you will take in setting up your abstract ground, how you will work to reveal imagery in your painting, and the path you hope to follow as it evolves.

Art 3 – Figure in a setting / woodcut style – due 2/21


Look and read about each of these four links before you start your project.

Edward Hopper and cinema

Hopper and Hitchcock

Hopper at MOMA and East Side Interior

Martin Lewis prints

Comment on what interests you about each of the sites.  Also share ideas which you have for creating an ink drawing with contour, cross contour, and cross-hatching with influence by Hopper, film noir and/or cinema. How will you create a “cinematic” view?

Make sure you bring 2 personal images to work from (figure and setting) for 2/21.

Art 1 – color in advertising for 2/24


Look at the following links:

Read the following article also:

Color in Advertising

After watching these videos and reading about color in advertising, post a comment and share what you consider to be the three most effective color strategies used by advertisers. Also, do you find that you agree with the points from the article – or are your tastes and responses different? Are there any ads that you can recall as having an effect on you because of the color?

If you did not do the sketchbook early for the Chagall inspired “Music in Motion”, do an hour free choice drawing.

Art 1 – Chagall, Music, and Love – Due Tues 2/18


No need to post a blog comment this week but there is still a sketchbook assignment due Monday and that is to do a Chagall/music inspired piece (some of you started one last semester.)

******Use the extra time from not posting a blog comment to put extra effort into this, so it may be a possibility for the Symphony lobby show!!  It must be finished by 2/21.  One hour sketchbook is required and any extra effort for this project will be extra credit!