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Art 1 – Underwater Environmental Artist – Due Thurs. May 5


Jason deCaires Taylor. Vicissitudes. 2009  Cancun, Mexico

Go to the following website: JasondeCairesTaylor

Navigate through the website and look thoroughly at the home page, gallery, film, bio, and environment pages.

For your sketchbook notes, reflect upon: what you find most interesting about Taylor’s work, thoughts or ideas it inspires, and any questions that you would ask if you met him.

Our next painting theme centers on appreciation of the ocean and sea life. For your hour sketchbook drawing (in preparation for your next painting), sketch ideas relating to Taylor’s work and/or the following:



Art 3 – Figure in a setting / woodcut style – 4/27


Read and take notes in your sketchbook for each of these four links before you start your project.

Edward Hopper and cinema

Hopper and Hitchcock

Hopper at MOMA and East Side Interior

Martin Lewis prints

Brainstorm about ideas which you have for creating an ink drawing with contour, cross contour, and cross-hatching with influence by Hopper, film noir and/or cinema. What will your dramatic scene be? How will you create a “cinematic” view? Bring all the necessary references to start by next class.

Art 2 – Retold Fairy Tale Engravings – 4/26


Investigate and read carefully the information at both these sites, observe and learn:

Work with a partner and when you come to the part “Mistakes in the illustrations”, one partner opens up the first and the other the second link so you can look at them side by side.

Tenniel illustrator, engraver

In the link below, make notes on your five favorite illustrations and their surprising sources. (You will translate sources like this into your own illustration.)

Picture origins

Look at more information from the menu bar on the right, to learn more.

Watch the following video:

Note some of the selections in the article about the genre of retold tales.

Retold Fairy Tales – genre

In your sketchbook: write comments and respond to items you find interesting in each of the selections above.

Make thumbnails of your favorite Alice and Dore illustration and note what you like about them.

Brainstorm a list of possible stories, sources, and ideas for narrative art you will make.

As a narrative, your illustration will indicate actors (human, animal, or hybrid), a setting/location, hints about previous action and indications of future action.


Art 1 – High School Show at the Art League – Due Thurs. May 19


Visit the Santa Cruz Art League (526 Broadway) to see the 61st Annual High School Show. Show opens Friday, April 29, 2016. You will see paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculpture, and jewelry created by local high school students.

During your visit, choose a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Best of Show in any medium. List and explain the reasons for 3 criteria that you use to judge the work. Take a photo of each of the four pieces that you select. Or, sketch a thumbnail of each work.

In your sketchbook or on separate paper, write your list of criteria used for judging (it must be more than “I liked it” ) and a justification of your choices using that criteria.

Here is the link for hours and location: Santa Cruz Art League. (Reception is Saturday, May 7, 3 – 5pm.)

You may find ideas for your criteria from an art show juror’s point of view:

Art 2,3,4, AP, Photo – Santa Cruz Highschool Art show VISIT April 29-May 22



List and explain the reasons for  3 criteria that you will use to judge the work when you go to the Santa Cruz County High School Art Show.  You will be picking a 1st, 2nd, 3rd Best of Show, any medium. (except PHOTO students choose only photos.) Take a picture of each of your choices for each place winner, with you standing next to it. (or drawing a thumbnail of it if you don’t have a camera.)

Instead of posting on the blog, you will hand in, in your sketchbook or on separate paper, your WRITTEN LIST OF CRITERIA, IN PARAGRAPH FORM that you used for judging (it must be more than “I liked it” ) and a justification of your choices using that criteria.

Here is the link for times and location Santa Cruz Art League – reception is May 7, Saturday 3-5 – show opens April 29.

You may get ideas for your criteria from an Art Show Juror’s point of view:

Art 1 – Blue Dog – Due Thurs. Apr. 21


Look at the following video on George Rodrigue:

and the website:

Pay particular attention to the bio and art categories on the menu bar at his website.

NY times obituary

Pay particular attention to the way his life and art are described and valued in the obituary.

For sketchbook notes, make comments about:

1. What are the pros and cons for you of the visual presence of his works?

2. Do the interpretations of his paintings make sense to you? Why or why not? Consider both subject and style.

3. Explore the conflicting aspects of the art’s high market value, the negative reviews by art critics, and the final assessment of his work in the NY Times obituary.

In your sketchbook, do a one-hour drawing in the style of Rodrigue. Draw any animal (preferably a current or former pet) in a setting or location which adds to the overall meaning.

In class, your next painting will be of a familiar animal in a setting or location which adds to the overall meaning.  You may paint in a realistic or “Rodrigue” style, with realistic or exaggerated colors, realistic or exaggerated form, using a color scheme.

Art 3 – Perspective sighting – 4/11


Watch the following videos and the site with explanations about perspective.

Pause after each video and write  your responses to each.  Make notes on ideas from the website. Consider how you will use the points in your drawing of a location in 2 point perspective with surreal elements added.

Add any links that you think might be of interest to others.

Remember to bring a personal photo that you took from a 2 pt viewpoint.