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Art 1 – for 5/7 AND Art 2 & 3 for 5/3


Watch the two videos from the Upper School of the University School and the Eastern Pennsylvania High School art show. AND Read the article from an art show juror’s point of view (see link below videos.)  Comment on 3 artworks that you especially like from these videos and explain why.


List and explain the reasons for  3 criteria that you will use to judge the work when you go to the Santa Cruz County High School Art Show. (You will be picking a 1st, 2nd, 3rd Best of Show, any medium.)

An Art Show Juror’s point of view:


Art 1 – 4/30


Go to the following website.

Google Art Project

Click on the upper left “Collections”. Choose any museum to “visit.”

Take your time and look at many works in the museum or collection, as if you are actually touring the site.

Post comments about 3 different works in the collection that make an impression on you.

Explain why each made an impact: consider both the visual aspects and the ideas communicated by the art.

For sketchbook, do an hour drawing in response to something you saw in the collection.

Art 1 – 4/23


Look at the following video on George Rodrigue:

and the website:

pay particular attention to bio and art/gallery

Make comments about:

1. the pros and cons for you about  the visual aspect of his works

2.  the ideas in his works and the interpretation of his paintings (especially the 911 painting)

3. the disconnect between the high market value and the negative reviews by art critics

In your sketchbook, do an hour drawing in the style of Rodrigue, of any animal put in a place to convey meaning

Art 1 – for 4/16


Watch the following conversation with artist Angus Wilson about still life painting:

and the short video of his still life paintings:

Make comments about:

1. ideas he talks about regarding still life painting that you find of interest

2. techniques from his work that you will try in your still life painting in color, composition, or style


3. describe which one you like the best and explain why.

In your sketchbook, do an hour drawing in the style of Angus Wilson, use color.