Art 3 – Florence Academy and Odd Nerdrum – Due 4/18


Look at the following website and choose 2 artists from the Alumni gallery  that you especially like. Go to the website and view more of their works.

Comment on what interests and impresses you about each of these artists.

Florence Academy of Art

Look at the following article and video on Odd Nerdrum (with whom some of these artists are also associated.)

Comment on the controversy.

Odd Nerdrum controversy


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  1. Ramero Sanchez had some beautiful portraits..I loved the way he blends and shades..He really captures the muscles in the mens body and the slight ripling of the chub. I also liked Tim Claytons woman…It is interesting to me that the drawing of the woman is so good and yet he seems to also specialize in more stylistic and sxpressive absract art.

  2. I loved the subject matter and composition of the paintings by David Larned. He chose to paint the back of a bare woman with some fur fabric and the way he included soft, perfect skin tones and rough brush-stroke fur amazes me. I also really liked the portrait of a man by Rafael Guerra. He uses a very brushy/textured technique yet is able to make the person’s features look perfect.
    Uhm. the Odd controversy is a rather odd one… Its kind of ridiculous. I dont even know what to say..

    • I know you didn’t get a chance to finish this so maybe you will revisit the controversy. Do you think you would like to pattern any of your figurative work after any of these artists? Or, would you prefer a looser, more abstracted approach?

  3. The two artists from the website I especially liked were Cornelia Hernes and Andrew Ameral. Hernes’ portrait stood out to me because of her strong use of shading. I think she did an amazing job shading the face, hair, body and even background. The portrait looks incredibly realistic, even professional. I also like how the composition; like how the subject is looking away and how she is depicted only to the torso.
    What I like about Ameral was also the use of shading. But unlike Hernes, Ameral uses color, creating more of a challenge. I really like the colors he used and how he put them together. I also really like the style of painting, where there is almost a blurry aspect but everything is still quite clear. Lastly, I like how he cut the portrait off at the subject’s neck.

    I was very confused about the situation with Odd Nerdrum. What I got from the website and interview was that he was sentenced to prison unjustly and was unable to paint. (?) I could be wrong about that though. However, if he was sentenced for merely tax purposes, I think the punishment is unfair. Again, if I am completely wrong about the situation I apologize because it confused me a lot.

  4. My two favorite artists on this site were Maureen Hyde and Jura Bedic.
    Hyde enthralled me completely in the stories her works tell. In each of her paintings, I can see a tale. For example, in “Autumn,” I see a witch casting a spell, and it makes me wonder why and what type of spell it is. I love art that makes me ask questions like these. Even her still lives tell a story. Wonderful.

    I like Bedic for similar reasons. But this time, it’s not the story that intrigues me as much as it is the characters. In her piece “Reverie” I see a young woman looking at a necklace forlornly. I want to know who she is and why she’s sad. This is probably a good time to mention her beautiful colors. I just love the reds and blues and oranges she uses.

    About the Odd Nerdrum case…I think it’s very unfair that he was sentenced to prison for 2 years for just tax evasion. They could have just put him under house arrest. But 2 whole years in prison? That’s just wrong.

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