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Art 1 – 1000 Journals – due 5/27


Spend at least 10 minutes looking at the examples of the mixed media journals in the link below. These were collaboratively and randomly made by tens of thousands. Be sure to touch on the different categories. Comment on what you found, what interested you, what you felt when looking into the personal thoughts left by strangers, and inspiration you get from this mixed media art.

For sketchbook, draw three small preliminary sketches for  your linoleum carving. As with the examples shown in class, the theme for your print is “free time and idleness.”  You will use your favorite one of the three sketches as the plan for your linoleum carving. Some of the journals you liked may provide you with ideas for new imagery.

1000 Journals Project


Photo field trip preparation – Due Monday 5/19


“My work-purpose, my theme, can most clearly be stated as recognition, recording and presentation of the interdependence, the relativity of all things – the universality of basic form… In a single day’s work within a radius of a mile, I might discover and record the skeleton of a bird, a blossoming fruit tree, a cloud, a smokestack; each of these being only a part of the whole, but each – in itself – becoming a symbol of the whole, of life.” Edward Weston

1. Listen to Weston’s account of photographing peppers and respond to his ideas and your own experience photographing.

In Weston’s words

2. Watch the video and post comments in response to each of the items in the menu bar on the right.

SFMOMA – Edward Weston

3. Listen to the curators account of Tina Modotti and Edward Weston and comment on this.

Tina Modotti and Weston

4. Read the following two articles and comment on the formal /personal /objectification aspects of Weston’s nudes.

The Musing Gaze

Gerry Badger on Weston’s nudes

5. Read about Charis Wilson in the obituary and watch the video. Comment on her role as muse, collaborator in the nude photographs of her.

Obituary Charis Wilson



6.  Look at the following video as a preview for our visit to the show, Pt. Lobos and the historic Weston house. Comment on three aspects you find interesting and what you are most interested in experiencing in person.





7. Familiarize yourself with the following, and comment on the article on “Point Lobos and iconic Weston photographs” since you will be shooting photographs there also.

What do you hope to find as a photographer? What will you be looking for and thinking about as you photograph there?

Point Lobos and iconic Weston photographs

Point Lobos history

Wiki on Weston

Art 1 – Art Appreciation – Due 5/19


Watch this award winning film short titled Art Appreciation and consider the ideas presented.

What makes something art?

What is art?

What is good art?

What makes meaning in art?

Who makes the meaning, the artist or the viewer?

In your comments, consider  and thoughtfully discuss at least 3 of these questions.

In your sketchbook, 1 hour on a “meaningful” drawing, collage, or mixed media.

Reminder: Visit the High School Art Show at the Santa Cruz Art League before May 25. Scroll down for information in previous blog post.

Art 3 – Hung Liu, Christopher Brown, working with photographs for memory and history – due 5/14


Watch the video on Hung Liu and explain how the ways in which she uses photography makes it different than simply copying or reproducing an image. How does she transform the photograph into something painterly and meaningful. How does she make it her own?

After reading the following two articles, comment about the following:

How does Christopher Brown use photography in his paintings and why does he choose historic photos?  What are his visual concerns in his painintgs and what are his emotional or conceptual concerns? What is he trying to do or say with his paintings?

Christopher Brown in conversation with Thomas Bolt

Brushing Up on History

Art 2 – appropriation, recontextualization, and homage – due 5/14



Read the following article for definitions and distinctions about appropriation and recontextualization.

About appropriation

Watch the following 2 videos ( Duchamp is mispronounced. It should be pronounced  d oo – sh aw n (n is nasal).

Pay attention  to the evolution of appropriation from art history to pop art to the 80’s and to the cynical realism of contemporary China.

Comment and describe  the earliest uses of appropriation by artists like Manet, Picasso….and the use and evolution of appropriation through Duchamp and then Pop art with Warhol and Rauschenberg….Also describe the nature of the appropriation by Colescott and Sherman (and other artists of the 80’s/90’s/00’s) and later by the contemporary Chinese artists.

Finally, which art/artists do you like the best and why?

Which art/artist will you be appropriating and transforming in your work and why?


Art 1 – underwater environmental artist – due 5/12/14


Go to the following website: JasondeCairesTaylor

Navigating through the website, look thoroughly at the home page, the gallery, film, bio, and environment.

Post a response about what you find most interesting about Taylor’s work, any thoughts or ideas it inspires, and any questions that you would ask if you met him…

Our next painting theme centers on appreciation of the ocean and sea life. For your hour sketchbook drawing (in preparation for your next painting), sketch ideas relating to Taylor’s work and/or the following: