Monthly Archives: January 2012

ART 1 – 2/6/12 Underwater environmental artist


Go to the following website: JasondeCairesTaylor

Navigating through the website, look thoroughly at the home page, the gallery, film, bio, and environment.

Post a response about what you find most interesting about his work, any thoughts or ideas it inspires, and any questions that you would ask him if you met him….

For your hour sketchbook drawing, work from ideas that you get from this artist and this site.


Art 2 & 3 – First post of semester 2


Check out this blog artists inspire artists….artistsinspireartists

Wander through the site.  Make sure you see the drop down”inspiration” categories on the menu bar.

Consider starting a collection in your sketchbook this quarter of art images that inspire you from all kinds of sources: fashion, advertising, photography, fine-art, street art, drawing, etc.

What inspires you in this site?

How can a critique inspire you?

How can your art inspire others?

How can your  classmates’ art inspire you?