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Art 1 – Brushwork and painting trees – Due 5/26


Watch the following  video and observe techniques in brushwork, variation in tone, and opposition of large strokes with detail strokes.

Spend 30 minutes drawing a variety of trees from real life observation, not photos.  It need not be a composition or scene.  These are studies of the structure of trees. Color is optional. You may need to use several pages for your sketches.

Sketchbooks due in class Tues. May 26.


Art for Social Change/Art for Peace – part 2 – 5/18


#8 Ratchet TLC030315-82-1 #34 Lucky 031715-86-1 #6 Patton TLC022815-80-1 #2 Daisy TLC022115-76

At the link below, you will find Terri Crisp’s plan for the next mission to Kurdistan.  Kirby art is part of the plan –  your artistic offering will help to make a difference.

Progress Report for Next Kurdistan Mission

Below is an account from one of the rescued Dogs of War and one more of Terri’s dog portraits. Look at the inventive style she has developed, based on observation and imagination.

Atiti’s Story-1

#13 Atiti 121214-54-1

Art 1 – Art Appreciation – Due 5/21


Watch this award-winning film short titled “Art Appreciation” and consider the ideas presented.

What makes something art?

What is art?

What is good art?

What makes meaning in art?

Who makes the meaning, the artist or the viewer?

In your sketchbook comments, thoughtfully discuss at least 3 of these questions. You may provide specific examples of art to support your ideas. Next week, you will be sharing your ideas in class.

In lieu of the weekly hour sketchbook drawing, use your time to complete any missing blog/sketch homework from this quarter. Label and attach a post-it note to each past due sketchbook homework page. Sketchbooks are due Tuesday 5/26.


Extra credit option: For one sketch or blog notes credit, visit the 60th Annual High School Art Show before May 24th. During your visit, draw 3 thumbnail sketches of your favorite pieces that you would award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Art League directions and hours: Santa Cruz Art League


Art for Social Change/ Art for Peace/ Helping the Refugees and IDPs – 5/12


1. Joel Bergner has traveled around the world, using art  for social action.

Take notes in your sketchbook on the locations and ideas he presents in the link to his web page and video.

Why does he do this work? How does it help? Who does it help?

Joel Bergner – global art and social action

2. Look at the following article and list which 3 you think are the most important reasons for facilitating art in refugee camps.

The Arts in Refugee Camps: 10 good reasons

3. The following is a bio of my college friend who is a humanitarian and social activist. She has taken over 50 trips to Iraq and most recently has begun to help refugees and Internally Displaced Persons with art. Below are some of her updates from her trip.  Read the bio and at least Updates #4,11A,11B,15  and Update #1&2 (you are invited to read them all.)  Terri  has refused to be discouraged by the scope of the problem.  She has made connections with refugees who have lost everything and is determined to  make the world a better place for the Syrian refugees and IDPs in Iraq. When she asked her English-speaking refugee friend  what they needed to make their lives more comfortable, the friend answered: “Peace is all we want.”  We will be offering peace with our next art project. In your sketchbooks, write down any questions or ideas you have about her project and additional ideaas for partnerships that we may have with the refugee children.

Terri Crisp Bio

Update #4

Update #5

Update #7

Update #8

Update #11A

Update #11B

Update #13

Update #15

Update #16

Update Post trip #1

Update Post trip #2

4.  Here are some interesting and optional references.

Using Art to Create a Brighter Future

How Art is Helping Children in one Syrian Refugee Camp

Art For Refugees

Art Brings Color and Therapy to Lives of Refugee Children

Art 1 – Wolf Kahn landscapes – Due 5/14


Wolf Kahn, Receding Towpath II, 1986

Read the article and watch the two videos within the site linked below. Note especially, in the second video, the path of Wolf Kahn’s career and his comments about painting.

Wolf Kahn studio visit

In your sketchbook comments, include the following:

1. What do you find as the most interesting art historical fact and why?

2. Does Kahn’s personal history as a  “Kindertransport” refugee influence the way you view and interpret his work?

3. What insights about drawing/painting your own landscapes do you gain from listening to him, looking at, and reading about his paintings?

For your sketchbook drawing, do a 1 hour hand-drawn landscape (or series of landscapes), observed from real life, inspired by Kahn’s work. Try to convey the facts, essence, and spirit of the place. Color is optional.

This will be the plan for your upcoming landscape in chalk pastel.  (You may want a back-up photo for when you draw, although most of your painting will come from the preparatory drawing.)


Extra credit option: For an hour sketch or blog notes credit, visit the 60th Annual High School Art Show before May 24th. Reception is Saturday the 9th, 3-5pm. Draw 3 thumbnail sketches of your favorite pieces that you would award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Art League directions and hours: Santa Cruz Art League

Art 2,3,4, AP, Photo – Santa Cruz High School Art show VISIT May 2-24


BETWEEN MAY 2 AND MAY 25 (reception Sat. May 9, 3-5)

List and explain the reasons for  3 criteria that you will use to judge the work when you go to the Santa Cruz County High School Art Show.  You will be picking a 1st, 2nd, 3rd Best of Show, any medium. (except PHOTO students choose only photos.) Take a picture of each of your choices for each place winner, with you standing next to it. (or drawing a thumbnail of it if you haven’t a camera.)

Instead of posting on the blog, you will hand in, in your sketchbook or separate paper, your list of criteria you used for judging (it must be more than “I liked it” ) and a justification of your choices using that criteria.

Here is the link for times and location Santa Cruz Art League – reception is May 9th 3-5 – show opens May 2.

You may get ideas for your criteria from an Art Show Juror’s point of view: