Art for Social Change/ Art for Peace/ Helping the Refugees and IDPs – 5/12


1. Joel Bergner has traveled around the world, using art  for social action.

Take notes in your sketchbook on the locations and ideas he presents in the link to his web page and video.

Why does he do this work? How does it help? Who does it help?

Joel Bergner – global art and social action

2. Look at the following article and list which 3 you think are the most important reasons for facilitating art in refugee camps.

The Arts in Refugee Camps: 10 good reasons

3. The following is a bio of my college friend who is a humanitarian and social activist. She has taken over 50 trips to Iraq and most recently has begun to help refugees and Internally Displaced Persons with art. Below are some of her updates from her trip.  Read the bio and at least Updates #4,11A,11B,15  and Update #1&2 (you are invited to read them all.)  Terri  has refused to be discouraged by the scope of the problem.  She has made connections with refugees who have lost everything and is determined to  make the world a better place for the Syrian refugees and IDPs in Iraq. When she asked her English-speaking refugee friend  what they needed to make their lives more comfortable, the friend answered: “Peace is all we want.”  We will be offering peace with our next art project. In your sketchbooks, write down any questions or ideas you have about her project and additional ideaas for partnerships that we may have with the refugee children.

Terri Crisp Bio

Update #4

Update #5

Update #7

Update #8

Update #11A

Update #11B

Update #13

Update #15

Update #16

Update Post trip #1

Update Post trip #2

4.  Here are some interesting and optional references.

Using Art to Create a Brighter Future

How Art is Helping Children in one Syrian Refugee Camp

Art For Refugees

Art Brings Color and Therapy to Lives of Refugee Children


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