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Art 2 – Pattern, Decoration, and Contour – Robert Kushner – 9/15


In your sketchbook, take notes on the artist and his art.

Robert Kushner at D.C. Moore Gallery

Make notes on the paragraph right below Kushner’s “Night Garden” 2000, explaining Kuspit’s attitude.

Art and Perception – Pattern and Decoration

Make notes on interesting aspects from this account, starting with “The Beginnings with Goldin” until “Meanwhile Back in New York.” (p. 13-16)

Pattern and Decoration: An Ideal Vision in American Art 1975-1985, by Amy Swarz


Art 4 – Identity, Surrealism, and Meaningful Mixed Media


You will be creating a work addressing meaningful content with imagery of your choice that explores your “authentic identity” and Surrealism (dream, imagination, poeticism). You will use mixed media and work on a ground. Make thumbnails and explore ideas thoroughly before you start. Review the 3 sites below as references for your media and methods. Makes some notes on your ideas and inspiration from these sites.





Watch both Part 1 and part 2 of the video and interview with Yinka Shonibare. Take notes on his ideas about art and the importance of each of his pieces, as he describes them.


Think about your own identity and look at the mind map linked below to start to explore your identity through a mind map.  You may want to search for other examples as well.

6/ Surrealism, other than its very particular definition as a movement in art history, has 3 characteristics that you can use to make your own Surrealist piece.

a. Change of context and strange juxtapositions (objects out of place,  unexpected, unrelated to others )

b. Change of scale

c. Change of physical characteristics (i.e. hard is melting, smooth is furry)


Look at the work of Remedios Varo as another example of these ideas. List at least 3 important ideas about her history and context. List at least 3 visual strategies that she uses in her style.  List at least 3 works that you like more than her others.



Art 3 – Social/Political Content in Art – Guston and Catlett


1/6  Generate ideas in lists or mind maps to explore issues that are important to you.  List things about society, culture, gender, race, the environment, education, consumerism, commercialization, industrialization, etc.
Keep in mind, this is  not an assignment to create a poster or slogan and it is not limited to particular time or a specific person. Translate your ideas into larger themes like greed/ hate/oppression/equality/justice/human rights, etc.

Then, after you come up with content ideas, brainstorm the images or symbols to represent these things. Start thinking visually and working on design and visual impact to make your image timeless so that it can be applicable to other times in history rather than just Sept. 2016.

2/6 Look and write 3 main responses to Guston’s work in the following link:

3/6 Listen to the following conversation and write a reaction and response to what he says about  painting and the creative process.

4/6  In the article below, read it carefully and list at least 4  important points of Guston’s historic context and at least 4 ideas about the evolution of his style (the visual strategies and characteristics – the look, the visual features).

5/6 Another important artist concerned with social content was Elizabeth Catlett.

Summarize at least 4 points about her history  and 4 points about her style (focus on the prints and paintings) from the 4 articles and links below:





Besides creating a work addressing meaningful content with imagery of your choice, you will use mixed media and work on a ground.  Make thumbnails and explore ideas thoroughly before you start. Review the 3 sites below as reference for your media and methods. Makes some notes on your ideas  and inspiration from these sites.




ART 1 – From Line to Form to Expressive Dance – due 9/2


Watch this video and see line come to life.  Notice how basic shapes turn into figures and figures turn into abstract forms that mirror the dancers’ emotions.

In your sketchbook, draw two or more simple figures with this technique. Lightly pencil your initial sketch with any of the methods practiced in class (single continuous line, spirals, or blocking in shapes). As you draw, use fluid lines and basic shapes. Then, add some shading and details to help the flat shapes become forms. Observe how the animator used lines to transform the dancers into liquid and then back again. In your drawing, you might also choose to include an element of “transformation” (into water, fire, stardust, etc.).

For your sketchbook homework this week, spend at least 45 minutes on this drawing. For your paragraph of sketchbook notes, describe what you think is being told in the animated story. What particular image or sequence in the animation do you find most visually effective? Due Fri. Sept. 2.

In the link at bottom of the page, the artist describes his process and collaboration with dancers.

The Making of Thought of You

Photo: Portfolio Prep – Journals


A photo journal is a way to reflect upon your photographic interests, your contemplation of critical issues in photography, and the progress of your own work.  It is a visual and conceptual resource.  You will get weekly prompts and will write and collage images as you consider these prompts. This is important supporting work.

Here are some examples of the photo journals, each addressing different ideas, with comments.


photo 1(4)photo 3(4)photo 5(3)photo 4(3)photo 4(4)photo 2(4)photo 1(6)photo 2(5)photo 5(4)


Look at the following 5 sites for examples and ideas about photo journals.

List at least 3 ideas  – in your journal – for your journal from each site:






Photo – The Projected Image & Pinhole Photography


The basics of photographic phenomena:

What are these pinhole cameras recording?

solargraphia blog

How to construct your 6 month pinhole.

A Kirby 2013/14 Photo student’s room converted into a pinhole:

Nathan's pinole

Frodude's room as a pinhole camera

At the following link, search for entry #439.. Look around at the gallery for some great images from all over the world.

Worldwide Pinhole Day 2005

Here is a direct link to my entry in 2014.

Worldwide Pinhole Day 2014