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For Memorial Day – Animation, and the power of art; For summer – Photographic recommendations


For Memorial Day – to remember and honor those who have served, you may want to watch The Last Day of Freedom.

Here is a clip about the making of The Last Day of Freedom, by Nomi Talisman and Dee Hibbert-Jones (UCSC professor)

For summer – to feed your interest in photography and photographers, by watching movies.

10 best:

Finding Vivien Maier

Born into Brothels

For fun – keep playing in your sketchbook!

For the poet in you that is thinking about the road you will take…..a film by Miriam Hitchcock.


Pinhole Photos


In honor of Worldwide Pinhole Day, Kirby Photo students will exhibit their solargraphs and pinhole photos on this site.  Write your first name and title, location and description. Then upload your pinhole photo (add media/select files).

Nathan: Lucy Way Street View

This pinhole camera was attached to a chimney for a five month exposure. It shows my house, street and some trees as well. Some sun trails can be seen in the top right corner of the exposure.

Nathan: Art Room

This can pinhole was set on the TV stand by the skeleton for a 1 minute exposure. I stayed very still for the duration of the exposure, so I appear sitting at the table.

Kaima: My View

Can pinhole camera 2 week exposure.

Ella: From the Roof

4×5 15 second Pinhole

Samantha: The Path of the Sun

This photo was taken from my roof with a can pinhole camera with a 6 month exposure.

Zoey: Boulder Creek Solargraph

6month exposure with a homemade pinhole camera

Lily: Rooftop

4×5 pinhole


6 month solargraph pinhole camera made from can



Art 2 – Bartlett and Landscape Pastels – due 5/18


Jennifer Bartlett, Amagansett, June #1, 2011, pastel on paper, 30 x 30 in

Next week, we will visit the Kirby deck to take in views for an in-class chalk pastel drawing.

Read the following article on Jennifer Bartlett pastel landscapes:

Humble Pastels, Luminous Imagery – The New York Times

Observe how Bartlett goes beyond visual description to evoke the atmosphere and mood of each environment. Also notice pastel techniques used for various textures:

Jennifer Bartlett Pastels

Art 1 – Wolf Kahn Landscapes – Due 5/19


Wolf Kahn, Receding Towpath II, 1986

Read the article and watch the two videos within the site linked below. Note especially, in the second video, the path of Wolf Kahn’s career and his comments about painting.

Wolf Kahn studio visit

In your sketchbook comments, include the following:

1. What do you find as the most interesting art historical fact in the interviews?

2. What insights about drawing/painting your own landscapes do you gain from listening to, looking at, and reading about Kahn’s personal history and his paintings?

For your sketchbook drawing, do a 30-minute hand-drawn landscape (or series of landscapes), observed from real life, inspired by Kahn’s work. Try to convey the facts, essence, and spirit of the place. Color is optional.

If you complete your sketch this weekend (May 13/14)), this can be the plan for your landscape in chalk pastel.  (You may want a back-up photo for when you draw, although most of your pastel painting will come from the preparatory drawing.) Otherwise, you can select your source image from the landscape photographs in class.


Art 3 – Hung Liu – Honoring Work through art works


Take notes on the following and for each link,  note major points about the subject, style/method and content or ideas.

Note where the following show is – at the MAH.  Please attend on First Friday or another day to get a real sense of the work.

Watch the video on Hung Liu and explain how the ways in which she uses photography make it different than simply copying or reproducing an image. How does she transform the photograph into something painterly and meaningful. How does she make it her own?

Pay particular attention to the work that uses a divided picture plane which you will be using for your final piece.

and read this interview with Hung Liu.


Look at the historical roots in 19th C European art of artists who have honored work in their art:

As Courbet in the Stonebreakers:

Or Caillebotte in the Floor Planers:

Your painting will honor work in subject and use loose flowing, paint as in Liu’s.  You also will use original, photographic references and a divided picture plane.  This is the last assignment of the semester and a culminating one.