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Art 1 – Due Monday 1/6/14


Watch the following video – do not rush this – allow your sense of wonder some space and time to take a journey through the phenomenon.

During the winter break, start to notice flow phenomenon in your everyday world.  List five things in your experience that captured your attention (they may not be as dramatic as those pictured.) They can include all physical phenomenon that demonstrated “flow.”

Comment on the one which you found most engaging on a visual and scientific level and explain why.

In your sketchbook, do an hour drawing (mark the time on the back) that is inspired by the patterns in the video and in your experience. Try to make a balanced, abstract composition and use color and shading. It may be smaller, depending on detail and media.


Art 1 – Due 12/16 – Star Wallowing Bull


Read the following blog post by the Native American artist, Star Wallowing Bull, which relates an account of the generosity of James Rosenquist and the tangible encouragement he provided to this struggling artist.

Nomination for James Rosenquist

Visit the website for the artist (below) and read another slightly different version of Meeting James Rosenquist (scroll down, you will see it below his pictures) and the account, The Wooden Boy, in which he discusses his father and interest in Pinocchio. Look at each of the art works on the site – both the paintings and colored pencil drawings. (Can you find images of Pinocchio and Rosenquist in various paintings?)

Star Wallowing Bull

Comment on the following:

How do you think the personal connection and encouragement with Rosenquist  affected the young artist on both a personal level and artistic level?

Choose one work in particular that you find interesting and discuss the balance of the design and overall organization AND the meaning through the placement and relationship of the images. If this is a work that someone else has discussed, add to their insights in a concrete way or disagree with support from the evidence in the work.

This week’s homework sketch is the “metamorphosis drawing” started in class.

Art 1 – “Santa Cruz Post Office Murals” (for in-class Dec 5)


Images of Santa Cruz Post Office Murals:

More paintings by Henrietta Shore:

New Deal Post Office Murals article:

Art 1 – Due Dec 9 “Siqueiros”


Read the following two articles and watch the video about David Alfaro Siqueiros, who made an impact on many American artists (including Rosenquist).

Siqueiros in LA

In your comments, choose and discuss two from the following four questions:

1. What is the most interesting aspect to you about  the creation of this Siqueiros mural?

2. What are the most important aspects to you about the social and historic context?

3. How did Siqueiros and this mural influence other artists?

4. Do you see a connection with Rosenqist’s F-111? How do these works differ?

In your sketchbook, do a Siqueiros inspired drawing that is relevant to an issue you care about. Work for an hour and mark the time on the back.

Art 3 – Perspective sighting – Due 12/4


Watch the following videos and the site with explanations about perspective.

Post your responses to each of the 3 videos and 1 website and share the insights about perspective you get from each.

Add any links that you think might be of interest to others.

Remember to bring your picture in from your home from a 2 pt viewpoint.

Art 2 – Shells and stippling – due 12/4


Read the information on the following sites about sea shells – look at the history, the value, the trading, collecting, and even stealing of rare shells. Consider the differences in Western art and in Mesoamerican art.

Facts and details about shells

More facts and details about shells

shells in mesoamerican art

Comment on the 3 most interesting details about shells that you previously did not know.

When you think about shells in Dutch Baroque paintings, are shells a Christian symbol, a symbol of colonization and power, or simply a beautiful object? Or, are they all three?

Choose a painting which supports your ideas and discuss them in reference to the art work. Post a link to it also.

Will any of these ideas  change the way you will work on your stippled shells? Explain.

(and, just as a reference on stippling, there are some good ones on google images:  )