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Art 1 – Birds of paradise – fantastic worlds – Due 3/4


Birds of Paradise

In this movie – note how fantastic these real birds of paradise are. Notice also how important their surroundings are visually. Notice how they blend in and how they stand out to appear attractive to their mate.

Leonard Baskin Raptors

Make sure you click on the link – “see the exhibit here” –  below the  image at the bottom of the article.

Max Kauffman Birds

For the first link, comment on the visual phenomenon of the birds of paradise.

For the second link, comment of the ways in which Baskin distorts and creates birds and bird creatures.  Explain the effect  his artistic choices have on meaning or overall impact.

For the third link, contrast this work with the work of Baskin and the real birds of paradise.  Is there a different mood, purpose, effect? How is it created? Which do you prefer?

Post a link that has a fantastic bird (real or imagined in the style you like best.)

Spend a full hour drawing a fantastic bird and background in preparation for a painting.


Art 1 – Color and Music – Due 2/24


This program (written by Ali Nikrang for Mozarteum Kultur GmbH) visualizes a piano performance in realtime using the “Color theory” by Scriabin.
You can see here a few examples. (but in this case the program uses a standard midi-file and an ePiano to play it).

Notes and Colors:
C :  Red
C# D Flat : Violet
D :  Yellow
D# E Flat :  Steel colors with metal shine
E : Whitish-blue
F : Red, dark F# G Flat : Blue, bright
G :  Orange-pink
G# A Flat : Purplish-violet
A :  Green
A# B Flat : Steel colors with metal shine
B : Similar to E

1. Comment first on this computer program  above that correlates notes to colors and Scriabin’s piano piece.
2. In the site below, if you are a musician, what do you think of the detailed explanations?   If you are not a musician, what do you think about it?  Can you make any sense of it or draw any conclusions?

Color and Music Theory

3. In the link below – consider whether or not you have any synesthesic tendencies. Give some examples of correlations, try the test with your friends and draw some conclusions.


4. Post a link you found relevant to the discussion and comment on other’s links.

For sketchbook – draw one hour to music and note on the side or back of page the type and musicians you were listening to while drawing.

Art 3 – Figure in a setting / woodcut style – for Crit Due 2/28


Look and read about each of these four links before you start your project.

Edward Hopper and cinema

Hopper and Hitchcock

Hopper at MOMA and East Side Interior

Martin Lewis prints

Comment on what interests you about each of the sites.  Also share ideas which you have for creating an ink drawing with contour, cross contour, and cross-hatching with inflence by Hopper, film noir and/or cinema. How will you create a “cinematic” view?

Art 2 – Automatist creation – for Crit Due 2/28


Enjoy the video and let your imagination wander  with these images.

Read about Max Ernst and his use of decalcomania

Max Ernst / Decalcomania

And consider what he says about the outer and inner eye in artistic creation as well as his historic context

As a possible way to approach your painting, (with acrylic and matt medium instead of oil paint and turpenoid), watch the techniques in this video

Comment on ideas gained from each of the  4 links.

Also comment on the approaches you will take in setting up your abstract ground, how you will work to reveal imagery in your painting, and the path you hope to follow as it evolves.

Art 2 – Perception Due 2/19


Ted talk on perception

Listen to the talk on perception.

Comment on the illusions and the ones which tricked, fascinated you, and gave you “happiness.”

Consider  and comment on the role of perception in the observational drawing you are doing and how you have to analyze and be sure not to create accidental “tricks” that disrupt the illusion of realism.

Post a site that you found that has interesting optical illusions that create “happiness.”

Art 1 – color in advertising and color psychology for 2/19


Red in advertising

Do you find this to be true in the products you are attracted to that are red?  Is there a similar effect in paintings that are red dominant?

Green in advertising

Do you find this to be true in the products you are attracted to that are green?  Is there a similar effect in paintings where green is integral?

Look at the index bar on the left in the link below and be sure to read about Luscher’s psychological interpretation. Does it work for you?

Dr. Max Luscher’s work

In your sketchbook, collect 3 ads that demonstrate the use of color to great affect. Write a sentence explaining how the color influences you.

Do a half hour drawing of more fantasy birds, thinking about one you will paint.

Art 3 for 2/19 Crit


LL Cool J on Creativity

Check out what LL Cool J has to say about creativity (short 2-3 min clip).

Anselm Kiefer talks about being an artist

Listen to Kiefer’s short talk about being an artist. (1 min)

Richard Tuttle – reasons for art

Listen to Tuttle’s reasons for art. (1 min)

Will Rogan talks about the meaning of things

Listen to what Will Rogan says about finding meaning in the world around him. (1 min)

Reflect on the ideas expressed by these artists.  What ideas impress you most? Is there a common thread between them?  Are there meaningful differences?

Think about the creative process as you have envisioned your piece for Imagination Takes Flight. Are there any similarities with these artists or do you work differently?

Post a link to something that inspires/inspired you for this project.