Art 3 for 2/19 Crit


LL Cool J on Creativity

Check out what LL Cool J has to say about creativity (short 2-3 min clip).

Anselm Kiefer talks about being an artist

Listen to Kiefer’s short talk about being an artist. (1 min)

Richard Tuttle – reasons for art

Listen to Tuttle’s reasons for art. (1 min)

Will Rogan talks about the meaning of things

Listen to what Will Rogan says about finding meaning in the world around him. (1 min)

Reflect on the ideas expressed by these artists.  What ideas impress you most? Is there a common thread between them?  Are there meaningful differences?

Think about the creative process as you have envisioned your piece for Imagination Takes Flight. Are there any similarities with these artists or do you work differently?

Post a link to something that inspires/inspired you for this project.


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  1. I really liked all of these videos and found myself nodding and agreeing with each person as I watched them talk about art. Most prominent was Tuttle’s idea that “art is food for the spirit”. I completely agree! Also, I think all of these artists really focus on the idea that creativity, nomatter where it blossoms from, is key to art. And I think that is very important. I loved it when Kiefer said, “the only method to not me inside the world, to be outside the world, is to be an artist”. And I think all these people show that art takes them away from things, showing them a goal or meaning. At first when I was told about this project, my mind was racing to come up with the most creative and unusual idea. But then I realized that I dont have to prove it to other people, but it should mean something to me, and I think these artists believe in that idea as well. I am drawing a dreamcatcher, in midflight- as if it had just torn from it’s hook- with feathers flowing in the wind. Some inspiration for this project comes from a close friend of mine, Eli Block, who is currently in the RISD and Brown dual art program. I am always amazed with his intricate detail and ideas behind each of his works, he always has a personal story to relate them to, with a deep meaning. here’s his work:

    • You have made some interesting observations about the nature of creation and what is important to you. It is always an evolving position for me. What a wonderful link to your friend’s work! He’s got some intriguing images with lots of visual interest. Do you have some favorites? Did he apply to the RISD program or first to Brown? If RISD, ask him about the bicycle drawing!

  2. I really like alot of what really all these people had to say. The common thread between these videos is the message that art isnt something u learn in a university or follow rules for…it is about creation and how u translate yuor perception of the world around you. Will rogan exhibited this when he said at first art for him wasnt really about art…but more about documenting the world around wasnt until later that he applied technical skills to his photographs. LL cool J doesnt even talk about art as being necesarily a profession or specific thing but rather the idea of creation as a whole…wheather that be as broad a thing as creating noise or even just a smile…creating leaves an affect on something which affects something else and so on…It seems like this is what he sees as art. Also the german guy talks about art as even being just something he practiced and worked at expressing a message…he didnt follow really any guidlines but it was more of an experience for him…also I really liked the one picture it showed of the person trying to burst out of the globe or bubble. I think in my “taking flight” drawing, I find the idea of trying to express a message or phrase visually in a way that works for ME applies. Even though my aproach was not the most conventional, the process of finding a way to show what I meant I tried to document accurately much like the aproad of Will Rogan.

  3. I felt like there was a big difference between Tuttle and Kiefer. Kiefer said that he felt like art was his profession and, if I understood right, that the word “calling” seemed too intense. Bombastic, I think he said. And Tuttle blatantly said that he was savage about art, that he puts it before anything else in his life, that it is the most important to a point of craziness. That it’s his food which is impossible to live without. I think what LL Cool J was saying was cool but kind of generic: yes, we need more arts in school- yes, our class system sucks- yes, you can’t have one without the other, etc.
    I really liked all of Rogan’s pictures and their theme and how he described them as having accidental meaning. A problem that I have with some art (and kind of this project topic haha) is that it feels cheesy and not really meaningful. Obviously everyone takes their own meanings from certain pieces of art but I think I liked what most of these people were talking about because they took their inspiration from the immediate world around them and that seems more real and meaningful to me.

  4. I really liked what LL Cool J had to say about creativity. I would have to agree that all things great, whether they be inventions or discoveries, were inspired through creativity. Like Krista, I liked how Tuttle was describing art as “food for the spirit.” I didn’t make too much of what Keifer had to say. My favorite video was of Rogan talking about the meaning of different objects. I would agree that there is something special about being able to connect grand and philosophical ideas to simple everyday objects and instances. I think that the common thread of these videos is that creativity is both prominent and necessary in not only art but life as well. Without creativity, as LL Cool J said, we as a people would not be able to advance and grow. I have similarities with these artists. In my art, I use everyday objects to depict larger concepts. In the “Imagination takes flight” project, however, I had little symbolism.

  5. This sounds obvious, but I’m going to say it anyway: the thing these videos, the opinions of these artists, have in common is that all of them focus around creativity. Creativity is the most important thing in art. Not skill, not technique, but whether you can truly envision something beautiful, something meaningful. LL Cool J spoke about this most directly, but the others expressed to, in a subtler way.

    Some specific ideas impressed me more than others. I really like Kiefer’s sentiment that the only way to be outside the world is to be an artist. It’s true, when I make art, I feel like I am standing above the world, looking down on it, playing with it until it meets my vision, and then creating it anew. I also agree with Tuttle’s statement that art is an adventure. You shouldn’t plan it out to the finest detail. You should just get the basics down and see where it takes you. And I love Rogan’s belief that we can find meaningful moments in small things. When you try to depict something big, let’s say, death, you could paint something abstract, some massive darkness, or you could paint something simple and poignant that captures the feeling of pain. If I may use writing as an example (it’s a form of art): you can write all you want about how death is like a vast ocean coming to swallow us all up; you won’t make anyone cry. But someone like Hemingway can write six words about death and make us feel the pain—for sale: baby shoes, never worn. It’s the simple things that count, the small things that matter.

    I think my choice of subject matter for the imagination takes flight piece ties in with Rogan’s ideas about “meaningful moments in small things.” I didn’t want to do something abstract. I’m not saying abstract is bad! It’s just not where I chose to take this piece. Instead of doing something like drawing birds flying from a mind (which, again, is a beautiful concept), I’m doing a simple scene that could happen in anyone’s backyard: a boy with a hobbyhorse pretending to be a knight. I don’t know if I can post a link to something that inspired me to do this because what inspired me to do this was my own childhood. I used to pretend I was a knight; I even had a suit of armor (plastic), a shield (plastic), and a sword (plastic). Well, here’s something that inspired me as well: It’s not art, but it did inspire me.

    • I just love the drawing and the meaningful moment you portrayed – it captures the imagination of a child so well and added a lot to our exhibit at the Civic for the Symphony family concert. It’s great to be able to draw upon your own memories for art as well and isn’t it wonderfulthat you could put yourself into the role as a knight?

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