Art 2 – Perception Due 2/19


Ted talk on perception

Listen to the talk on perception.

Comment on the illusions and the ones which tricked, fascinated you, and gave you “happiness.”

Consider  and comment on the role of perception in the observational drawing you are doing and how you have to analyze and be sure not to create accidental “tricks” that disrupt the illusion of realism.

Post a site that you found that has interesting optical illusions that create “happiness.”


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  1. The first one he did with the two nuts was actually one of the few ones that was pretty easy to un-see for me. Once they showed the other view of the nuts I was able to see them from that perspective the rest of the time. Anyways, I thought most of them were interesting but none of them made me “happy” and they certainly didn’t inspire in me the laughter it did in the audience. My favorite were the ones from the japanese artist at the end with the pianos and the motorcycles-those were really great. I don’t really understand how the drawings were doing in class relate to this. This was a website I found:

  2. I really liked the illusion that looks like a pile of wood, but when viewed through the mirror, looks like a piano. I also liked the statue of the motorcycle made out of cutlery, with has a complete motorcycle shadow. I did not find that any of them made me feel happy or joyous, like the audience. Some, like the letters spelling Arthur Ganson, didn’t even seem to be optical illusions. The letters just changed shape repeatedly. For a drawing to look realistic and for the illusion of realism, I think the most important thing is shading. The different shades of something can make it seem closer or farther away, and change the perspective of a piece of artwork. Here is a picture that sort of counts as an optical illusion:

  3. Similar to Urocyon, I liked the junk pile/piano illusion, the cutlery/motorcycle illusion, and the illusion of the pianist turning into a violinist. I also liked the illusion where the children running down the hallway appear to be different sizes when, in reality, they are the exact same size. I thought it was interesting that optical illusions play a role in advertisements and I enjoyed looking at the photograph of the two women who seem to share one head as well as the train that seems to momentarily disappear. I agree with Urocyon, however, that some of the illusions didn’t seem like illusions. In terms of drawing, I think that perspective techniques and shading play a large role in achieving the illusion of realism. Shading adds depth to a composition and helps distinguish between the background and the foreground. For perspective, decisions such as wether to make lines parallel or turned inwards make a big difference. Here is a face illusion:

  4. My favorite illusions were actually those mentioned by others: the motorcycle shadow one and the piano/violinist one. I thought some of the text ones were interesting as well. Like others have said, I didn’t really get “happiness” out of any of these illusions. I get how someone might, but honestly I think the illusions this guy showed weren’t all that amazing. In drawing, perspective is definitely critical to creating illusions, and messing with it changes the way the viewer perceives the piece. Lines, and the way they relate to each other also are important in making certain parts seem either bendy or straight. Also, the use of empty space is important, as well as the focal point. In the illusion I found, you can see how as your focal point changes, the dots appear to change color.

  5. The illusions that i was particularly drawn to were the ones involving shadows, the cutlery motor bike. I also really liked the transforming violinist statue. And of course, the two bodies one head pictures are a hoot. The major hiccup that i might run into while making my own work is perspective. and i’ve actually already started to experience this with some of the keys, it’s hard for me to get everything to exist on the same plane (part of the reason i like surrealism). the keys that i’ve drawn pointing away from the viewer seem weirdly angled, so i’m gonna have to mess with them. in the mean time, this is a really cool video:

  6. I do agree with everyone. I really interested in the motorcycle shadow which it was realistic when you see on the shadow without see that it made from the spoon and folk. And i also like the first one “crazy nuts”, it is not easy to figure out how to do after he move the nuts and show how to make. I like it because it show how the volume of colors, shadow and the shape make it have good dimension. I found interesting video about the perception illusion

    • Nice video you posted – it is like a previous link but put to video and music. Nice! You are right, the motorcycle is so complicated to figure out and make. It takes lots of trial and error adjustments!

  7. I liked the one where there were dolphins hidden in the figures. I didn’t get happiness to any of them though, but they all were very cool, and I felt like I could examine them for longer.
    This optical illusion site has hundreds of illusions, and a lot of variety:

    Sorry about it not working the first time.

  8. I like the first one which the two paper like thing totate to form two screws. It kind of twists my illusion.
    The drawing I was doing is kind of normal, the only thing may trick people is the bird’s eyes.

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