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Photo journal inspiration #7


Here is the story behind the iconic photo of Che Guevara by Alberto Korda

Behind Korda’s iconic photo

Here is a behind the scenes account of Burri’s experience in making photos of Che Guevarra

 Story behind Burri’s photo

The International Center for Photography has some interesting photos in shows commemorating Cuba, Che, and the Revolution.

ICP: Cuba in Revolution

Notice how some of the portraits of him are translated into other media for commercial purposes:

ICP: Che, revolution, and commerce



Photo journal inspiration #6


Consider especially: “It was not enough that photographers be ‘mere witnesses’…..” What does he advocate? What do you think?

Look up Frank’s The Americans as a “masterpiece for its stark realism and empathetic vision.”

What does he say about editing photo books? Do you agree? Consider your process of making books…..

Look up Koudelka’s Gypsies for inspiration.

How did he get his start in publishing?

Look up some of the other photographers he worked with: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, Robert Capa, Inge Morath Brassai, William Klein.

Read the last 2 paragraphs and consider how it relates to your work in photography.



Photo journal inspiration #4


In considering the comment today and idea about taking a photo of same subject from two opposing points of view, here is a related idea: split screens.

Project 1324 has “challenges” and coaching for creative growth.  Check out this “split screen challenge” and the rest of the website for other challenges which you may want to incorporate into your class work (and even submit to Project 1324.) Challenges like this could be counted as your required “experimentals.”

Be sure to peruse all the aspects of this organization, the blog, other challenges, etc. It could certainly inspire you and you may want to make note of ideas in your journal. (Note: if the sequence of split screen images doesn’t come up, just go to Discover on top menu bar for mosaic of all challenges and other projects to choose from. )