Art 2 – Political photomontages Hoch and Heartfield – Due 4/30


Your next project is a politically charged collage on a subject important to you.

First, familiarize yourself with the work of Hannah Hoch and John Heartfield by visiting, reading, and viewing the information at all 4 sites.

Hannah Hoch – The Good Girl with the Big Scissors

Dada context 

Heartfiled and Hoch slideshow

More context for Hoch and Heartfield

Comment on the differences between Hoch and Heartfield.

What is your favorite work of Hoch and why?

What is your favorite work of Heartfield and why?

Consider the context and the differences between their photomontages or collages and the collages of Picasso and Braque.

Do you think that there are any connections between artists of our time and Hoch and Heartfield?

Do you see any of their influence in media or art of today?  If so, elaborate.  If not, why not?


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  1. Comparing to Hoch, Heartfield is more likely to use real person’s images to accomplish his thoughts.
    But Hoch focuses on the organization and combination among those abstract picture. And Heartfield majors on characters’ expression. Hoch focuses on the supporters of the main theory of his works.
    I like Hoch’s work, especially the Dompteuse (Tamer) one. It uses women’s head and body, man’s arms, and a owl. To me it seems like the theory is that a woman who wants to be as powerful and strong as a man hides in the shadow of the politics to control everything. I do not like Heartfield’s work. In my opinion, his work is just too real and too direct.
    Hoch and Heartfield’s works compare to Picasso and Braque’s works, Picasso and Braque’s works are much more dramatic. That’s all I can say.
    There are connections between artists of our time and Hoch and Heartfield. Art is like everything in the world, is always the progress.

  2. While comparing Hoch and Heartfield, I noticed that Heartfield’s images are generally dominanted by males and give off a more masculine feel while Hoch’s artwork is often dominated by women and portrays messages about women and their changing roles in society. Hoch’s figures are also more fractured / composite-like and less realistic than many of Heartfield’s. My favorite image of Hoch’s is “The Tailor’s flower”; I like how it is chaotic and complex while at the same time simple. I found Heartfeild’s “The Middle Ages, The Third Reich” to be interesting because of the message it portrayed to the audience. Both Hoch and Heartfield have, in some way, influenced contemporary artists because art created throughout history influences modern day art. Also, collage and photomontage is a prevalent art style in today’s society and even if their art does not directly influence the media or art of today, Hoch and Heartfield helped to develop those styles.

  3. The biggest difference that I saw between Hoch and Heartfield was the way the art pieces were portrayed and appeared to me. Hoch seemed to just go through magazines, hasitly cut out images, and glue them together, without much thought to the image she was creating, besides head goes on neck goes on torso etc. Heartfield on the other hand, seemed like he had an agenda and a message that he was trying to get across. His images seemed carefully selected, and put together in such a way that you could tell a great deal of time and thought went into the process. My favourite piece of art by Hoch was called “Tailor’s Flower.” I liked it because it was really different than her other work, and seemed delicate. The Heartfield piece that I liked the most was called “Butter for Everyone” on the last link posted. I liked it because the way the collage was created, it looked as it the people really were eating axes and other pieces of metal. Yes, I think there are connections between artists in our time and Hoch and Heartfield. People creating art now want to get a message across just as much as people did in the 20th century, and collage is still used to create distorted images. I’m not sure if I see their influence in media or art today. Because, they weren’t the first to use collage, and so many people do, that it would be hard to look at a picture and say it was influenced by one particular artist.

  4. The key difference between Hoch and Heartfield, in my opinion, is the seriousness of their meaning. Heartfield has a very harsh image of the german agenda and openly expresses his disgust for their actions. Hoch seems to be less focused on the pure evil of the world and seems more nostalgic for a simpler time. My favorite work from Hoch is “Roma”. I really love that it’s a bit more put together than her other works, as well as her color palette. As for Heartfield, while I appreciate his work I can’t really say I have a favorite. I enjoy art with a darker theme, but something about Heartfield’s art strikes me as off.

    The biggest difference I see between Hoch and Heartfield, and Picasso and Braque, is both the context and mediums. Braque and Picasso mixed drawing with their collage work. They were more in line with cubism rather than dadaism and it evidently comes through in their work. Picasso and Braque use more color and create a more comprehensive image. Not to say that Hoch and Heartfield’s work is in any way less important, but they tend to form more chaotic and confusing works.

  5. I think the main difference in the two artists’ works is that Heartfield’s is a lot more clear, obvious, and bold, whereas Hoch’s art has a more abstract/surreal quality. Heartfield’s art represents his views and feelings about what was going on in the world at that time. Hoch’s art does that as well, but not in the same obviously violent, negative way that is seen in Heartfield’s work. My favorite piece done by Hoch is probably “Sea Serpent.” I don’t really know much about what the image is supposed to represent, but I like the color scheme and the use of shadows and light. As for my favorite Heartfield piece…his art was very disturbing, and I didn’t particularly enjoy looking at any of it. But if I had to choose one, I guess it would be “Blood and Iron” because it is very strong conceptually and is somewhat haunting/disturbing, which is the effect I think he was going for.

    I think that the main difference between the work of Heartfield and Hoch and Picasso and Braque is that the latter was a lot more stylized than the former. I definitely think that there is a connection between the works of these artists and the works of artists of our time. Now, with the development of computer programs such as Photoshop, it is possible for people to create realistic manipulations of photos, and we see that everywhere – often even in advertising. That’s not to say that the “old fashioned” method of cutting out pictures and pasting them together is obsolete – it’s simply that the digital era provides many new possibilities to photo-montage.

  6. The difference between Hoch and Heartfield is how the art were portrayed which most of Hoch’s art work used much in magazines. He just cut the images, and glue them together, not much in the idea. Heartfield’s work is a lot more clear, obviously meaning in art pieces. His images seemed carefully selected, and produce the new idea to make it interesting. My favourite of Hoch’s art pieces was called “Roma”. I like thier match color and how it’s nice. I do not like the Heartfield’s art work, i cannot find my favorite on his work.
    I think that the main difference between the work of Heartfield and Hoch and Picasso and Braque is that they have vary form and pattern.
    There are connections between artists of our time and Hoch and Heartfield. Art show everything in that time, what is happen, how the world change. difference time have difference things.

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