Art 3 – Close-ups and artistic discipline – Due 4/30


You next project is a close up of a hand, foot,  or natural object placed within a well composed context.

Below are 2 sites with tutorials on drawing hands and one example or illustraion of a stippled hand in compositional context.

Hand tutorials

More hand drawing advice

stippled hand

Which method is most helpful to you and why does it seem like the best approach? Do you think you will try it?

Next is an interesting commentary by Guggi about art and discipline.

Comment on what your artistic discipline is. What routines and methods do you use to get your best work?

What contributes to your concentration, focus, and productivity?

What distracts you and how can you minimize, avoid, or eliminate these distractions?


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  1. I personally think between the finding of the hand to face ratio and the separation of movement, and the two masses of the hand they both seem like a pretty good aproach to drawing realistic hands. The first seems better for full body portraits or if I am already familiar with the ratios of the human head and face. I also liked though all the different hands from movies and stuff. They all had a similar movement but the feel was so incredibly different! I think what contributes to my focus and creativity is firstly letting my process work itself. Focusing on my process instead of the final result…Secondly, I think good lighting..a comfy chair or couch to sit on and radio or music in the background is great to get the creative juices flowing. Music seems to be a great way to keep myself focused on work…

  2. I think what contributes to my focus and creativity is how interested I am in the actual piece. In previous art classes if i didn’t particularly enjoy a style of art and we were given an assignment around it I wouldn’t put much effort into the piece. Now that I am in art 4 and I can chose my own assignments I am much more focused on bringing out the best it each work. I also enjoy having a lot of room. Now there is a difference between a lot of room to work and a lot of room to throw your stuff around. I like keeping my things organized when I work but having enough room to spread out if I want it. Finally music plays a very important roll in my creative process. I don’t work well in silence, i think very few people do. When I’m stuck it seems to help me when I listen to my favorite song.

  3. The hand tutorials were really cool- especially the one that compared the hand to the face. It’s nice to have reference points like that and be able to have a standard hand form/outline before going in for the details. Also, Its hard to remember that the knuckles are on an arc, not a straight line! These techniques and tips will definitely help my stippling hand piece. I’m worried that I don’t have an artistic discipline… I don’t feel the need to “mentally prepare” myself before making art or to set pieces aside because I get stuck. Like Guggi said, I love making art and I never dread it or need to discipline myself so I’ll get stuff done. My main problems are starting pieces and I easily lose interest in certain projects that arnt what I ideally want to be doing right then. As an artist, I LOVE doing what I like to draw/paint/make, but doing projects that I’m not as interested in or compelled to work hard on are much more challenging to keep on track. I hope in the future to remind myself that all these projects help me improve as an artist and are vital to my development and skills, thus making them more compelling and interesting! As far as art goes though, I rarely need motivation if I’m on the right track!

  4. I only found one of the hand tutorial websites posted helpful. Titled “Hand Tut,” the website provides both pictures and description/explanation as to how to approach the drawing. The other websites were also helpful, but more in a visual way. They did not provide much information other than a brief comic-looking tutorial. I liked the picture of the stippling though.
    I assume that video was posted because stippling requires A LOT of patience! I never leave anything unfinished, just like the guy in the video, however it does take me a while at times to finish them. Sometimes I can’t think of anything at all, but other times I can do art for 10 hours at a time and not even realize that it’s 4am! It really depends on what my situation is. My concentration is best when I’m alone at my own house. I can really relax and focus on my art. Music always helps me to focus too. I think the reason I lose track of time is because I space out with the music and my art. It’s very relaxing! And although I am spacing out, I’m still focused on the art. It’s really strange. It’s as if the only thing I’m paying attention to is the art (and music) and there are no other thoughts in my head. This happens to me with the stippling that we’re doing now. I tend to get lost in the dots (hehe, but actually). Unfortunately, I get impatient a lot of the time and end up grunting or whining haha.

  5. The Hand Tut method seems to me to be the method most appropriate for this project. The other methods are fun, but a bit too cartoonish for this project, I think. Besides, some of what Hand Tut said was fascinating! The human body is so interesting! I’ve never noticed that my hand is the same length as my face, but I just checked, and it is! That should be really useful for drawing in the future. The stippled hand is cool, too, but there’s something a little creepy about it. I’m not sure what. It combines real and cartoonish in a strange way.

    My artistic discipline isn’t really…disciplined. I do art for fun, because it is—it’s fun. So, if I try to make myself do art when I don’t want to, I don’t have as much fun, which sort of defeats the purpose. But I do it nonetheless, for the sake of the work. To get my best work, I need to be in a place where I feel comfortable, to be around people that I like (or to be alone). What contributes to my productivity is what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard out there in the world or in my imagination. I can’t draw things I don’t know, so I look at what I do know. It’s distracting to be surrounded by a bunch of strangers or people I don’t like, who are all talking loudly. I hate that.

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