Art 2 – Perspective due 4/9


Watch each of the following three short videos related to your current project

AND post a comment with insights you have about each of the videos AND write a reflection on the process of learning to draw 3 pt perspective and your discoveries about imagination, visualization, and visually constructing an architectural type structureon a 2d plane.


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  1. I really enjoyed the first video. It’s definitely a different way to get different perspective on a structure. It’s extremely accurate and yields results that show his skill and creativity.

    In the second video it was fun to see how movement made the shapes look more 3D. I like that it was related to M.C. Escher in that the video takes unexpected turns that make you completely reevaluate the image at hand.

    I think the third video is more impressive in terms of its boldness and warped quality. Like the first video, perspective plays a huge part in the image itself. However, it seems like it’s a lot more free than the first video, creating a warped quality that gives it an additional edge. The artist is definitely trying to make a statement.

    I’ve really enjoyed this project. It really forces you to slow down and make sure that all your lines are correct before you move on. And while it is fun to make works that are a little less constraining in terms of what you’re actually creating, it’s nice to see a new skill in a very creative way. When you’re working on the project itself, you have an idea of what you want to see. But because of the use of three-point perspective, your ideas are adjusted when they actually hit the paper and change how you see the image.

    • It is a real give and take process with visualization. You make a good point about how important the process is of putting it on paper. Those adjustments are such an important part of the process to develop the idea. Pencil and paper are so integral to make the dream a reality.

  2. In the first video, I enjoyed seeing the structure come to life as the man continued to draw and add lines. I also liked the overall depth, perception, and dimensionality of the composition. In the second video, the mini man on the sleigh kept taking a different route that I expected, which continuously made me look at the composition in new ways. I enjoyed watching it but, because of the mini man’s unexpected route, it was not as relaxing to watch as the first video. In the third video, Sandow Birks uses color along with perspective to set the mood and tone of the composition and to portray a message to the viewer. There is a dark and sinister component to her artwork that emanates a sense of foreboding. Overall I thought her paintings were interesting. I have really enjoyed the process of creating my own three-point perspective composition. I love that architectural drawing combines both math and art, which are two subjects that I really like. As the project progressed I became more and more comfortable with what I was doing and in the future I would like to give myself the challenge of a spiral staircase.

  3. I liked the first video the most. The artist was really good at drawing in perspective, and the white chalk stood out well, making the shapes look really three dimensional. It was also an interesting idea to use string to find the points as well. The second video was hard to wrap your mind around, which made it fun. The man on the sled continued to take a different path than I expected him too. It was interesting to see how realistic and three dimensional the third video was. I liked the subject theme, how it showed the collapse of a society that right now we see as strong and not able to fall. Drawing in three point perspective was was hard for me to learn, and I had to keep erasing lines. I like drawing buildings with perspective, but I think they look better with just graphite, than adding color. I find that the color just distracts the viewer for the shapes created. If we do another perspective project this year, I think I will keep to greys. The hardest thing for me drawing in three point perspective was trying to make stairs.

  4. It was very interesting to watch in the first video the person do perspective. I would have a lot of trouble doing it with string, but he seemed to do it perfectly. I liked the contrast also of the chalk.
    I liked in the second one how you couldn’t tell where the guy was going.
    In the third, I liked how in the third video, the perspective gets more noticeable, until the fall, when it hits its peak. It made them harden as humanity took over
    I like the perspective project, and feel like I get it.

    • It’s great to see how naturally you took to perspective with the many beams and coffers in your drawing. The use of perspective in Sandow Birk’s work (3rd video) is such a wonderful foil to his commentary on humanity.

  5. For the first video, I really liked the whole process of seeing how the artist did the 3 point perspective. As the video was going, I found myself comparing what the artist did with what I would do, and that was interesting and helpful to my understanding of 3 point perspective. The second video was a fun way to view MC Escher’s work, though a bit odd since you could never tell where the guy in the sled was going. The pictures in the third video were really interesting and the perspective added a lot of interest and realism to the works.

    Learning to draw 3 point perspective was difficult for me at first – I erased SO much during the first few days of the project – but eventually I started to understand it more. I thought I wouldn’t enjoy such precise/mathematical/architectural art, but I actually found it to be a lot of fun. It’s something I haven’t done before, by working on it I’ve learned a lot about how we view things and how everything looks with perspective to where one is standing. I learned that intuition is often wrong, and sometimes we need to resort to more scientific/precise methods to be accurate.

    • I’m glad you were able to overcome the initial complexity and confusion that this project generated to really enjoy the game-like nature of the problem. I love that perspective, even when you understand it, can give some challenges to figure out when drawing on the site….especially if it is a modern building with odd angles!

  6. The first video was very helpful to me. It looked pretty complicated though. but it showed the whole process of drawing a three point perspective. the first video was my favorite and seemed to be the most helpful. it was interesting how the artist did the three point perspective. he used a chalk board and string. it was very exact and the chalk stood out well.

    The second video of the little person on the sled was kind of cool because you didnt know which way he was going to go. he would go a different way than what was expected.

    in the third video, i really enjoyed looking at the pictures. they are all so realistic.

    I had trouble starting this project and it is kind of difficult to connect the different parts of the building to make it look right. But this is a fun project!

    • You’ve done a good job of catching up. The fun part for me is the process of figuring out how to add lines by conceiving of it as if I were to build it. It actually feels like the process of building!

  7. The first video perfectly shows the importance of connecting edges. By adding lines accuratly, the pictures turned out great. Although it is very complicated, it is not hard to understand. After all, the 3 point perspective is really a great art invention.
    In the second video, the movement of the.small person is the most interesting thing. It is unpredictable and it looks more like a 3D movie.
    The third video makes me feel like I was just in the picture’s world, they are beautiful and realistic.
    In this project, I think i t is kind of hard for me to get the 3 points connected to the picture.

  8. i like the The first video, it is very helpful and interested me. It is a little bit complicated, and the white chalk stood out well, making the shapes look really three dimensional. Also in the second video, i really like how the artist made it shapes look more 3D and feel fun to look. in the third video, they are all so realistic. It look really hard to figure it out how to do it.

    In my project, i try to made like the first video on the building.

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