Art 3 – Symbolism, Dreams, and Fables – Redon and Gág – due 11/7 & 11/8

Image result for odilon redon the eye balloon
Odilon RedonThe Eye like a Strange Balloon Mounts toward Infinity (L’Œil, comme un ballon bizarre se dirige vers l’infini)1882

In preparation for your scratchboard project, take notes and sketch from the following sites:

1. Understanding Symbolist Art Movement

2. Odilon Redon

3. Noirs by Odilon Redon

4. Wanda Gág

5. Google image search “Wanda Gág Illustrations”

Both Redon and Gág used tone, contrast, and positive/negative shape dynamics to support the drama and mood of their subject. Both used imagery which is distorted and exaggerated to convey emotions and ideas.

Consider what you would like to say with your scratchboard art that is symbolist. Follow the lead of Redon and/or Gág as you create a strong black and white composition for a scratchboard piece.

If you need a review on scratchboard, look at this, the current Art 2 post, and other tutorials online:

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