Photo 1 – Due Monday 2/3


Spend a good amount of time looking at each of the 5 links above to familiarize yourself with famous and iconic photos in 20thC photo history.

Comment on the ideas you have and which photographers you want to pay homage to in your photographs.


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  1. In my photos, I want to emulate Edward Weston for his unusual views and landscapes, Henry Peach Robinson for his technique, Rene Burri for his use of shadows, light and shapes, and Jerry Uelsmann for his technique.

  2. In my photos I want to try and emulate some of the visual stiles used by Stephen Shore and Andreas Gursky. Implementing both Shore and Gursky’s mainly urban landscape styles should make for some complex and interesting pictures. I could use some of there techniques in natural settings and see how that works as well.

  3. In my photos I want to emulate the visual style of Mary Ellen Mark and Eddie White. The stunning onlookers perspective that Eddie White has and the stunningly intimate ability to take haunting and beautiful portraits in the way Mary Ellen Mark does.

  4. I browsed through quite a few amazing photos and there were many that I could imagine myself having fun with emulating the styles of. The people that I found most appealing were Robert Frank, Eliott Erwitt, Paul Strand, Madame Yevonde, Steve McCurry. They each individually have different types of styles, yet so do I. Something about Robert Frank’s photography just makes me want to see more and more of his work. But then again that’s how I feel about almost any photographer I in the least bit find interesting. I love exploring and experiencing new images and techniques.

  5. The person I want to emulate in my photos is Mary Ellen Mark because I love the way she is able to make the portraits she takes extremely stunning. I also love the way she gives a unique twist to her portraits to make them one of a kind.

  6. The photographer I’d like to emulate is Nicholas Henri because of the unique compositions of portraits. I’m not much of a portrait photographer (yet), but I’m interested in it, even though I can’t capture everything he does without color. Which is okay, but I’d like to find a way to showcase peoples’ personalities through props.

  7. I am going to try and emulate Paul Strand in my role this weekend, because of the shadows in his work, and in particular I’m going to try and pay homage to that picture of the fork, and the shadow. There are a lot of other photographers that I liked as well though, so depending on where the weather allows me to shoot, I would like to may homage to some other photographers as well.

  8. I’m going to try to emulate William Klein and Mary Ellen Mark in my photos because I like the way they both photograph people, but in very different ways. While William Klein takes pictures of people usually close-up and in a somewhat stationary pose or from the perspective of an onlooker. I also like Mark because she’s similar to Klein in that she takes close-up portraits, but also seems to let the subjects pose on their own.

  9. I like the intensity of Jim Marshall’s photo from the first link, and the way he captures the counterculture feeling of the hippy/beatnik era. Elliot Erwitt shows lots of different ways to photograph dogs which will be useful for future trips to the park. He seems to think about the whole composition for each picture beforehand so he can set the dog(s) against the right background, which is what sets his pictures apart from a random shot of a funny dog.

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