Photo 1 & Photo PP – Judging photos – due May 21


Take notes on advice for your photography from the following two videos.

Think about how you can consider these points for evaluating quality in photos.

List your 3 main criteria that you will use when you visit the highschool art show at the Santa Cruz Art League. Document (take a picture) of  1,2,3 place in b/w photo and 1/2/3 place in digital photo and list your justifications for each of your choices.

Here is the link for times and location Santa Cruz Art League – reception is April 28th, Saturday 3-5 – show is April 27 – May 20th.

These ideas may help you choose your criteria:










Photo journal inspiration #23


Take notes and draw your own conclusions about fine art, photojournalism, and the work of Barbara Parmet.

Art 2 – Retold Fairy Tale Engravings – due 5/9


John Tenniel’s illustration for Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass (1865), “You’re Nothing But a Pack of Cards”

Investigate and read carefully the information at the following sites.

1. For this first link, work with a partner and when you come to the part “Mistakes in the Illustrations,” one partner opens up the first and the other the second link so you can compare them side by side.

Tenniel illustrator, engraver

2. In the link below,  take notes on your five favorite illustrations and their surprising sources. (You will translate image sources like this into your own illustration.)

Picture origins

Look at more information from the menu bar on the left, to learn more.

3. Watch the following video featuring illustrations of Gustave Doré (French illustrator and printmaker, 1832-1883).

Note some of the selections in the article about the genre of retold tales.

Retold Fairy Tales – genre

4. Maurice Sendak (of Where the Wild Things Are) reimagines the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Pay special attention to the line work as you sketch aspects of your favorite illustrations.

Sendak’s Brothers Grimm

5. In your sketchbook, write comments and respond to items you find interesting in each of the selections above.

Make thumbnails of your favorite Tenniel, Doré, and Sendak fairy tale illustrations and note what you like about them.

Brainstorm a list of possible stories, sources, and ideas for narrative art you will make in your illustrated retelling of a fairy tale. Lightly pencil before using fine point black pen on 11 x 14″ bristol paper with 1″ margin.

As a narrative, your illustration will indicate actors (human, animal, or hybrid), a setting/location, hints about previous action and indications of future action.


Art 3 – Figure in a Setting / Woodcut Style – due 5/9


Martin Lewis (Australian, 1881-1962) Little Penthouse, 1931

Look and read about each of these five links before you start your project. Take notes on salient points from each of the sites.

Edward Hopper and cinema

Hopper and Hitchcock

Hopper at MOMA and East Side Interior

Also take notes and thoroughly sketch ideas for creating an ink drawing with contour, cross contour, and cross-hatching with influence by Hopper, film noir and/or cinema. How will you create a “cinematic” view in your drawing?

Art 1 – Underwater Environmental Artist – due 4/30


Jason deCaires Taylor. Vicissitudes. 2009  Cancun, Mexico

Go to the following website: JasondeCairesTaylor

Navigate through the website and look thoroughly at the home page, gallery, film, bio, and environment pages.

NOTES: For your sketchbook notes, reflect upon:

  1. What you find most interesting about Taylor’s work.
  2. Thoughts or ideas it inspires for your painting.
  3. Any questions that you would ask if you met him.

SKETCH: Our next painting theme centers on appreciation of the ocean and sea life. For your full 60 minutes of sketchbook work, draw a variety of ideas relating to Taylor’s work, thumbnails to plan the composition of your painting, and some imagery from the following:

Consider entering the Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest with a submission of your visual art, poetry, prose, or film. This year’s theme is “Our Oceans in a Changing Climate.” Contest entries due June 18, 2018.

Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest

Art 1 – Working in Series – due 4/16


Look at the evolution of Mondrian’s work and how his approach changes over a period of time.  What do you think was important to him as an artist?  Why didn’t he keep painting trees in the same way?

Mondrian’s Evolution of Abstract Painting

Sketchbook Notes: Look at the three links below and read both articles fully. Explain what a “series” is and discuss three points about the advantages and purpose of working in a series.

Advantages to working in a series

Jane Davies ideas about art series

Hyun Mi Yoo Good Luck series

Sketchbook Drawing: Spend 30+ minutes creating a drawing based on one of your previous sketches from this year. Make significant changes in this drawing to reveal more of your personal interests as a young artist.

Or, do two or more new drawings that demonstrate an evolution of your artistic ideas (either in a major way, as in Mondrian’s work, or in a less drastic way, as in Jane Davies’ 4 x 4″ art series).