AP 2D Design – food for thought #1


In your Concentration – why are you doing what you are doing – list a number of reasons which may cover the various aspects and reasons:


What are the stages of creativity? What stage are you in? How will you get to the other stages?


Over this next week, while working on your art, listen to the ideas in this video and connect it to your own work>



AP Photo – Breadth ideas #1 – composition and design


Images which clearly use formal elements of design:


More about design in photography:


Many more strong compositions:

formal compositions in photographs

Other ideas about formal photographic composition:


Historic models for these ideas:

Tina Modotti:


Charles Sheeler:


Art 1 – Ellsworth Kelly – due 10/2


Look at the following article and site on Ellsworth Kelly, and the interview with him in the video.

In your page of SKETCHBOOK NOTES:
1. Comment on at least one piece of advice from Kelly that’s useful for you as an artist.

2. Comment on how Kelly’s seemingly simple works actually reflect his sensitivity to form, and how they are connected to emotion or expression.

For your sketchbook DRAWING HOMEWORK, do an hour of simplified contour drawings or watercolors of various individual objects (as we did in class with plants).  You may use a few pages for this, or work in smaller frames on the page (so you can think about composition as Kelly does).

Photography – Composition and photographic heroes


A.Read the article below, choose the 3 compositional techniques that interest you the most.

Photographic Composition Tips

B. Look at the importance in cropping and the difference it made in these pictures.

The Bigger Picture – the uncropped version

C. As you have time over this quarter, refer to this list of 100 photographers to know and get to know the ones you like.

100 photographers to know – with active links to images

Over the next couple of months, you will be giving a “nutshell report” on an assigned photographer from this list (write your notes to keep in your binder) at the start of each class.

Touch on the 5 w’s (Who – name, What – they photographed, When, Where, Why – their purpose and intention in photographing.)

Choose 1 particular work to share and explain what you like about it.

Why does it stand out to you?  What does it tell you?

What does it make you wonder or feel?

Photo journal inspiration #4


In considering the comment today and idea about taking a photo of same subject from two opposing points of view, here is a related idea: split screens.

Project 1324 has “challenges” and coaching for creative growth.  Check out this “split screen challenge” and the rest of the website for other challenges which you may want to incorporate into your class work (and even submit to Project 1324.) Challenges like this could be counted as your required “experimentals.”

Be sure to peruse all the aspects of this organization, the blog, other challenges, etc. It could certainly inspire you and you may want to make note of ideas in your journal. (Note: if the sequence of split screen images doesn’t come up, just go to Discover on top menu bar for mosaic of all challenges and other projects to choose from. )


Art 1 – Mark Tobey and Calligraphic Linework – due 9/26



In the video, observe the modernist paintings of Mark Tobey (1890-1976). Look at the quality and character of Tobey’s calligraphy-style linework. Notice how he arranges the lines for spatial and emotional effect.

In the link below, study the four Tobey paintings. Read the “Biography” and “Philosophy of Art” sections on Tobey.
After completing the above, respond in your sketchbook:
Tobey said, “On pavements and the bark of trees I have found whole worlds.”
1. Was Tobey simply copying textures of pavement and tree bark in his paintings or was he doing something else? Describe.
2. What are some of the symbolic possibilities of Tobey’s calligraphic white line patterns?
In lieu of your weekly sketchbook drawing, spend at least one hour working on unfinished sketchbook work and drawing projects. Check PowerSchool for your assignments with no grade points yet entered.
For your interest: