Pinhole Photos


In honor of Worldwide Pinhole Day, Kirby Photo students will exhibit their solargraphs and pinhole photos on this site.  Write your first name and title, location and description. Then upload your pinhole photo (add media/select files).

Nathan: Lucy Way Street View

This pinhole camera was attached to a chimney for a five month exposure. It shows my house, street and some trees as well. Some sun trails can be seen in the top right corner of the exposure.

Nathan: Art Room

This can pinhole was set on the TV stand by the skeleton for a 1 minute exposure. I stayed very still for the duration of the exposure, so I appear sitting at the table.

Kaima: My View

Can pinhole camera 2 week exposure.

Ella: From the Roof

4×5 15 second Pinhole

Samantha: The Path of the Sun

This photo was taken from my roof with a can pinhole camera with a 6 month exposure.

Zoey: Boulder Creek Solargraph

6month exposure with a homemade pinhole camera

Lily: Rooftop

4×5 pinhole


6 month solargraph pinhole camera made from can




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