Art 3 – Hung Liu – Honoring Work through art works


Take notes on the following and for each link,  note major points about the subject, style/method and content or ideas.

Note where the following show is – at the MAH.  Please attend on First Friday or another day to get a real sense of the work.

Watch the video on Hung Liu and explain how the ways in which she uses photography make it different than simply copying or reproducing an image. How does she transform the photograph into something painterly and meaningful. How does she make it her own?

Pay particular attention to the work that uses a divided picture plane which you will be using for your final piece.

and read this interview with Hung Liu.


Look at the historical roots in 19th C European art of artists who have honored work in their art:

As Courbet in the Stonebreakers:

Or Caillebotte in the Floor Planers:

Your painting will honor work in subject and use loose flowing, paint as in Liu’s.  You also will use original, photographic references and a divided picture plane.  This is the last assignment of the semester and a culminating one.



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