Art 4 – Becoming yourself – Finding your way


In thinking about what you do in art, it is possible to try on the art identity of others:

Shea Hembrey

Hembrey review

Your next project  will be a series involving your head, heart, and hand. (this will take most of the semester remaining, schedule tbd)

You will first develop your conceptual ideas, choose what you are passionate about, and develop the craft to present and express the idea, conveying your passion. You will spend the first week studying, reflecting, and brainstorming. As you work the way through this blog, taking notes, and actively digressing to digest ideas and “think” in your sketchbook, also look at a book each day from the book shelf.  Pull them out and make notes, reflecting on the art and ideas. As you start to narrow in on your ideas, you will focus on more specific rather than random books.  You may even want to stop at Logos or go to library to browse.


Making meaningful work:

Conceptual aspects:

Go to link to NY Metropolitan Museum of Art – Artist Project

Watch a couple of the “teasers” and note the questions and ideas that are asked and expressed. Spend 30 – 40 min on this.  You have visited this site before so choose other artists. Also, research the work of the artist who is commenting on the art in the Met.

Look at the ideas and advice here, as well.



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