Photo Critique & next roll – 3/20&3/21


Take notes on advice for your photography from the following two videos.

Think about how you can consider these points for evaluating quality in photos.

Before you shoot your next roll, watch the following video on Emmet Gowin.  Listen carefully to his words, even though he speaks slowly.  Notice the evolution of his work from personal, familial pictures, to larger humanistic concerns about man and nature.  He talks about how families change and feelings change, the personal vision,  what you do and do not want to reveal, and what fits into the lives of other people.

Roll #4 will be about California (see contest link )


your personal vision (what is the story of your life, how is it evolving, what fits into the lives of other people, how are your feelings changing, what issues are key to your personal history or what issues have grown out of personal experience.)

It is important to watch the Gowan video (first, before you shoot!) so you know that your photos may seem uniquely personal or may even seem impersonal because they address larger issues that you find personally relevant. (The roll is due when we return from spring break along with your notes on the Emmet Gowin video).





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