Art 2 – Creativity – 3/14


In your sketchbook – write down the ideas from each of these links.

Check out what LL Cool J has to say about creativity and the importance of art education.  (2-3 min clip)

LL Cool J on Creativity

Listen to Kiefer’s short talk about being an artist. (1 min)

Anselm Kiefer talks about being an artist

Listen to Tuttle’s reasons for art. (1 min)

Richard Tuttle – reasons for art

Listen to what Will Rogan says about finding meaning in the world around him. (1 min)

Will Rogan talks about the meaning of things

Now, visit the following link and note the creativity and variety in expanding portraits.  Make notes about creative ideas you want to try in your self-portrait series:

At the same site, notice the creativity in sketchbooks and make notes about inventive ideas you want to try:

Wander around the site for more inspiration – there are a lot of images and resources here!

“Document, experiment, contextualize, and evaluate”  is a mantra of one of the graphic sketchbook artists. What discipline and engagement!



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