Photo 1 – Homages, Allusions, Retake, Revisit


Do this blog BEFORE you start shooting photos.

Roll #3: half of this roll are homages or allusions and half are retakes or revisits to be shot and developed by 3/1,3/2.

In your notes on this blog (due next Tues/Wed) comment on the ideas you have and which photographers you want to pay homage to in your photographs.

Spend a good amount of time looking at each of the links above to familiarize yourself with famous and iconic photos in photo history. Take notes on photos and ideas you get from the following links.

Click on each photo to learn about it.

Look at both links and the images of each photographer mentioned to understand the conclusions.

Here is a link to how the Simpson’s pay tribute to iconic photos (make sure you click on “original” under the description to see the comparison. (The Avedon link is not accurate though.)

Here is an article about a photographer who pays homage to Lange’s Depression Era FSA photos:

Also, google: “puddle jumping munkasi cartier bresson avedon” for some photo homages.

(And, if you are interested, you may look at the very staged recreations of photos using John Malkovich by Sandro Miller.)





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