Art 1 – Chance Composition and the Color Game – due Fri. 2/24


Observe Jean Arp’s composition and listen to the museum curator’s description through the audio clip. In your sketchbook notes, comment on ideas of “assisted chance.”  What do you think of the notion of holding 2-3 opposing ideas in mind at the same time?

Audio Link/Jean Arp

Why did Dada artists embrace ideas of chance and improvisation in their art forms?

Dada and Chance Creations

Then, spend at least 10 minutes doing the game (see link below). Play all six levels as you try to perfect your matches.

Share your experience playing the game in class.

You are learning about saturation and value by exercising your eyes…what better preparation for painting?!

For sketchbook activity, use a viewfinder to find small chance compositions that are non-objective and are visually satisfying to you. They can be derived from actual images, but crop them so that they appear non-objective.

Cut out and paste in your sketchbook. Use newspaper or magazine sources. Minimum 3 black-and-white and 3 color for full credit.

We will be using these for painting ideas so follow your aesthetic taste.


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