ART 4 – Stylized portraits


1. Look at the following blog post on Francoise Gilot and the variable thickness in the expressive contour lines.


2. Look at Google images for Francoise Gilot portrait drawings:

Picasso portrait drawings:

and Andy Warhol drawings:

Look especially at the contour line drawings by Gilot, portraits of Jaqueline by Picasso, and the color and shapes used by Warhol.

3. In the video below, look at the portraits by Warhol.   Also enjoy the David Byrne music accompanying the Warhol imagery in the second selection.

4. Look at the following examples and variety of conceptual and stylistic approaches to portraiture and identity in these student examples:

student art guide portraits

5. In your sketchbook, copy  your favorite portrait drawing(s) from any of these  sources and any other artists (black and white or color, linear or painterly.) Explain what makes the drawing expressive and how you might incorporate some of the techniques into your portrait painting or mixed media of of your self or other person, a historic or contemporary person, private or public figure.


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