Art 3 – Larry Rivers and Robert Colescott – Pop Art, Culture, History, and Appropriation


Read and take notes in your sketchbook and look at the links on the side bar.  We will focus on 3 works in the seminal works icon: Washington Crossing the Delaware, The Last Civil War Veteran, and Dutch Masters. Look at each of the references for these 3 paintings.

Here is the original painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze

Here is an article on the fluid interpretation of history and the artist’s rendition.  Take notes on the important points.

Here is Frank O’Hara’s poem about Larry River’s version

This exhibit shows the importance of appropriation in his work and his relief techniques.

Now, we will consider another important artist, Robert Colescott, and his use of appropriation as a critique of culture.  Take notes on your questions and observations for each of the following links.

In your painting or mixed media work, you will use figuration, appropriation, and the inversion of cultural icons as a means to shift meaning for personal, poetic, or political purposes.



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