Art 2 – Ceramic Shoe and Creative Extension – due Mon. Dec. 12



Read the description of the permanent collection of shoes in the Costume Institute at the Met:

Shoes in the Costume Institute

In your sketchbook notes, respond with notes and drawings.

1. Throughout history, how have shoes indicated something about the wearer?

2. Describe the form of shoes in the 17th and 18th centuries. How and why did the form change in the 19th century?

3. What innovations in materials appeared in the 20th century?

Browse “Shoes and Art” and observe the many interpretations of footwear, from drawings to sculpture:

Shoes in Art

Sketch a thumbnail of at least one work that interests you. Start gathering ideas for your Creative Extension as you look at shoe imagery.

For your interest, look at van Gogh’s paintings of shoes and read his letter to brother Theo:

Vincent van Gogh’s Shoe Paintings

Sketch ideas and take notes on key points of clay slab building: 

Clay Slab Photo Tutorial

In your sketchbook, complete a preliminary contour drawing that describes the details of your shoe model.



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