Art 3/Art 4 Michael Mazur


Take notes in your sketchbook for each link and address each of the prompts.

From the menu at the top of the Michael Mazur site, look at “Artworks”, then summarize the style of his art in each decade, and finally look at the video (scroll down in “News” heading to the video of Michael Hirsch’s string quartet “Images from a Closed Ward”)

Look at the following link and reflect upon the work in light of what we have talked about in terms of art of social commentary, and consider how he goes beyond “social documentation” to make the work both “bearable and discomforting.”

Mazur’s zoo work: can I be a witness?

In the following article, take notes on the author’s main points about Mazur.  Why does he work in multiple styles?  What do abstraction and figuration have in common? How did he incorporate various art historical influences into his work?  What is the relationship between content and form for Mazur?

Take notes on the difference between monoprint and monotype and the steps and approaches you might use. (Be sure you understand and try both the subtractive and additive processes.)

Here is another monoprint/monotype artist who uses maps and other elements as chine colle.  Be sure you look at each of the series of her artworks, especially the mixed media monotypes.




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