Art 1 – Rosenquist (part 1) – due Fri. Dec. 2


 President Elect (1960–61/1964)  James Rosenquist

James Rosenquist  President Elect (1960–61/1964)

Next week in class, we will begin a prismacolor drawing based upon a source collage that you create. We will look at the ways artist James Rosenquist uses disparate images from popular culture to create paintings with new meanings.

Watch the following video on Pop Art:


View this interview of James Rosenquist:


Respond to the following on one page for your SKETCHBOOK NOTES:

1.What is the relevance of Pop Art to contemporary life?

2.Describe whether or not you think Pop Art is “old fashioned” or irrelevant since it is 50+ years old.

3.What is your response to Rosenquist as an artist?

For your SKETCHBOOK DRAWING, spend 60 minutes on a Pop Art style drawing. Generate ideas from the various artists featured in the Pop Art video (above). Keep track of your time on the back.


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