Art 4 – Street Art and Social Commentary – 9/30



1. Look at the following article and video. Post a comment about the similarities and differences between the art in Iran that makes social commentary and the street beautification art in the video. How does the graffiti art in the final segment of the video fit in to your conclusions? Or, is it different than the other 2 types?

 Street Art of Tehran

2. Read the following, paying particular attention to how he uses stencils and a “tatoo style” influence. Explain how he cleverly uses images rather than words to make his point. Are they visual metaphors, puns, image inversions….? How would you describe his system and visual strategy? (When you have time, if you are interested, you may want to watch the film Exit Through the Gift Shop.)

The Story Behind Banksy

3. Note how the following mural by Blu is both humorous and political. No comment is necessary but think about his visual strategy.

Blue in Belgrade, Serbia

4. Does this street art animation by Blu make a political or social commentary? Explain.


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