OPEN STUDIOS Art 2,3,4,AP, Photo, Photo P.P. and I.S. – Oct. 1-2, Oct. 8-9, Oct. 15-16 – Due by Mon. 10/17


Over the next 3 weekends, Santa Cruz County artists will open their studios to visitors to show their art and art making processes.

For each art class enrolled attend a total of 3 artists studios. (Art 2, Art 3, Art 4 – any type of art from glass to textile to painting, printmaking, or photography.)

Photo students must attend studios of photographers; Independent Study and AP 2D, focus on your medium and style.

For each visit, you must take notes and be ready to share:

1.  your impressions of the studio, the artist, and their work.

2. the artist’s techniques and processes (this information is posted in their studio, if you don’t see it, ask about their technique.)  AND,

3. the inspiration for your own art work (either by a desire to emulate the artist or for a manner to differentiate your work from the artist).

For extra credit, ask questions directly of the artist and share results of your “interview.”

For extra credit, you may attend and share accounts about more than 3 artist studios.

For extra credit, attend the Preview Show at the Santa Cruz Art League on Broadway (see link.) Share the artist and title for what you would award as the 1st 2nd and 3rd place in the whole show and explain why.

Students may attend the studios together but they should have independent notes.  You also may be inspired to visit particular artists by hearing others’ comments.

Do all three on one weekend or one each weekend but don’t leave until the last day! You can share each Monday or by the final Monday. Plan it out.

There are Guide Booklets in art rooms 216 and 222 with maps if you want to plan your weekend trips.  South County is the first weekend,  North County the second, and some artists are open for the third, Encore weekend.



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