Art 3 – Symbolism, Dreams, & Fables – Redon & Gag – 9/15


Take notes on the following sites:



Artist Feature: Who was Odilon Redon?


Noirs by Odilon Redon


Read and take notes on the work of Wanda Gag.


Pioneering Early-Twentieth-Century Artist and Creative Entrepreneur Wanda Gág on Our Two Selves and How Love Lays Its Claim on Us


In conclusion:

Both Redon and Gag use tone, contrast, and positive/negative shape dynamics to support the drama and mood of their subject. Both use imagery which is distorted and exaggerated to convey emotions and ideas. Consider what you would like to say with your scratchboard art that is symbolist and/or “fabulist”. Follow the lead of Redon and or Gag as you create a strong black and white composition for a scratchboard piece.

If you need a review on scratchboard art, review video this and other tutorials online:




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